The Tri-City Commodore Computer Club
On-line edition, June 1999 - Issue #195, section 1

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President's Message--John Schwab

Shuttle 64 BBS is now on the web.

You can now access Shuttle 64 bbs via the Internet. If you click on, you can log on to the bbs from Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Also using the web browser you can read/reply messages, download/upload files, go to the chat trooms, and see who is online.

For those who don't have Internet access, you can dial up 734-3007 and access the Internet with any type of terminal program or using the Wildcat Navigator. Dialing up with a terminal program gives you the Internet options of Telnet, FTP, IRC, and Email. Dialing up with Wildcat Navigator gives you all the options of the terminal access plus web browsing.

At the next meeting, we will be showing off some of the features accessing the bbs from the web. Using a point and click environment seems to make using the bbs a easier task than before.

We are also setting up in the near future a mailing list server that will tie into the bbs Conference #20, TC3 Chat and News, in which you can post/read news and information from your Email program.

TC-Cubed exchanges newsletters with 45+ user groups and sometimes addresses to these clubs do change from editor to editor or the general mailing address changes. With our busy schedules, these changes may go unnoticed at some times. To help us out, if there is a new address for your club and we are still sending it to the old address, please drop us a line at to help us out.

The address label on the envelope that comes with the newsletter indicates when your membership is up or when the last time exchange newsletters has been received for clubs exchanging newsletters. For the exchanges, we didn't want to scare anyone thinking its the last one they're going to receive; it's just the last one we received of your newsletter.

The next meeting is on Monday, June 7, 1999 at 7 pm. We are going to demo emulators for the 64 at this meeting. I've also added some new features to the bbs like a newsgroup server to access club message areas via a newsreader such as Outlook Express, Forte Agent, or Netscape, as always you can log on to the bbs to access the same areas.

See ya at the meeting!

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BBS List for the Tri-Cities -- supplied by Dan Morgan

Single Line BBS's        
Name Number Board Type Highest Speed SysOp
Arcade 582-9436 RBBS 14.4 Chief Littlefoot
Armageddon down WWIV 33.6 Ragnarok
Crow's Nest down WWIV 28.8 Scarecrow
PC Users Group 735-0344 Wildcat 5 28.8 Brian Dahl
Unknown BBS 967-6785 Telegard 28.8 Loco
Multi-Line BBS's        
Name Number Board Type Highest Speed SysOp
Screamers (4 lines) 545-9648 WWIV 33.6 C. Hawk
Shuttle 64 (2) 734-3007 Wildcat 5 33.6/Telnet John Schwab

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Pop 3 Email Clients accessing Shuttle 64 BBS

For those who use a mail program such as Eudora or Outlook Express, you can access your email as well as send email out via Shuttle 64 BBS.

To use this feature, for example on Outlook Express:
Select Accounts under the Tools menu.
Select Add, then Mail. Display name-- Your Name
Email address-- Either your current address or
Pop 3-- Incoming mail:
      Outgoing mail:
Logon using-- user name: first.lastname
      Password: same as BBS password
Friendly name-- any name
Connection-- usually phone line

Using the newsgroups, you can retrieve and post messages directly from your newsreader, that are on the bbs.

Come to the meeting and see these two features in action.

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