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Upcomming events of the fire department

The 2009 Christmas Banquet and Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday, December 6, 2009 @ the Mannington Senior Center.  The doors will open at 4:15pm.

Christmas tree by fireplace

Graduation Diploma and Tassels

Michelle Riggs Scholarship: 

Current Recipient: Macy Hayes

The 2009 Raffle was a success.  We thank everyone for their support.


Joel McCann Memorial Canoe Race




Saturday, May 1, 2010 @ Hough Park in Mannington WV to Farmington, WV




6 Categories




Open Cane                              

Youth / Youth

Male / Female                         

Kayak (18 & over)

Adult Youth                             

Kayak (under 18)

Female / Female




Registration begins at 8:00am at Hough Park


Entry Fee;  $15.00 per person


Race starts at 9:00am


Race ends in Farmington at the old bridge



Boats will be taken out of the water at the new bridge!!!!!



Life Jackets Are Required



Picnic will be held immediately following the race at the Farmington Fire Department


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Mannington Fire Department
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Mannington, WV 26582
Phone:  (304) 986-3251
Fax:  (304) 986-3251

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