The PacMule- North Carolina to Alaska

North America 2010- Goals and the wind

North America 2010
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The decision to take a motorcycle ride from the eastern coast of the United States through western Canada to the northern most point of Alaska didn't come as a flash of inspiration but a slow burning desire spawned by books from my youth, stories from other adventure riders that had made a similar jaunt, and the realization that, if properly prepared, it was affordable.
The route was developed with goals in mind...
Goal 1-Alaska
Goal 2-Pan for gold in the Yukon
Goal 3-Spend the summer solstice above the Arctic Circle
Goal 4-Fish the best trout streams in British Columbia and Alaska
Goal 5-Dempster Highway to Arctic Circle
Stretch Goal- Swim in the Arctic Ocean
Goals are good but the best trips are blown by the winds of serendipity.  If I hear of an interesting route from a short order cook at a greasy spoon in the middle of Wyoming....things might change.

I intend to keep a photo and note log during the entire trip.  The ability to post these will depend if I can find wireless internet access along the way.  Chicago, Sioux Falls- no problem.  Philipsburg Montana, campground near Prince George BC- maybe.  The Dalton or Dempster Highway to the Arctic Circle- don't count on it.
The original decision to carry a satellite communicator and rescue device is still being debated.  It's an exception but I've spoken to some that found they didn't always post a position for a period of time causing panic back at the home front.

The Heart of the Sourdough

Robert Service

There where the mighty mountains
  bare their fangs unto the moon,
There where the sullen sun-dogs glare
  in the snow-bright, bitter noon,
And the glacier-glutted streams sweep down
  at the clarion call of June.

There where the livid tundras keep their tryst
  with the tranquil snows;
There where the silences are spawned,
  and the light of hell-fire flows
Into the bowl of the midnight sky,
  violet, amber and rose.

There where the rapids churn and roar,
  and the ice-floes bellowing run;
Where the tortured, twisted rivers of blood
  rush to the setting sun --
I've packed my kit and I'm going, boys,
  ere another day is done.

I knew it would call, or soon or late,
  as it calls the whirring wings;
It's the olden lure, it's the golden lure,
  it's the lure of the timeless things,
And to-night, oh, God of the trails untrod,
  how it whines in my heart-strings!

Modern sourdough bringing his gold to the assayer
Dawson, Yukon 2010