Old St Peters Cemetery

Taylor Twp

Harrison Co


This is a survey of the Old St Peters Cemetery,located in southern Harrison County in the state of Indiana.The semetery is on a dirt road off of Lambs Ridge Road.This cemetery was destroyed in around 1964 when it was thoughtlessly bulldozed over.The stones were pushed off over the embankment,and buried,most being broken.

In the summer of 2000, an unnamed group,not affiliated with the catholice church,came in and cleared the brush from the cemetery,and erected a new marker. They also recovered the fragments of about a dozen gravemarkers.The ones that are readable are below.One of which,is my great-great-grandfather,Frank Fromhold.His widow,Susannah, is also buried here,but no stione has been found at this time.There are probably more stones buried under the soil that was pushed off down the hill.The access road is passable with a regular passengeer car,although caution is advisable in wet or icy weather.

The survey was done by myself,along with my wife Charlene and my cousin Jeanne Nohalty of Jeffersonville,Indiana on 11 November,2000.The recovered stones are laid out on a sheet of plywood.

Ackerman ?(rest missing)
F M Ackerman 24 Feb,1862-22Apr,1863
Elizabeth, dau of A & M Sta....(probably State) d Aug 9,1865 age 3y-3m-3d
Andy State b Dec 9,1817 d May 5,1887
Andrew Ebert b Dec 29?,1812 d Mar 13,1874
Frank Fromhold Mar 17,1820-Sep 3,1866 (Wife Susannah is also buried here,but no stone found at this time)
Catherine Glassman d Apr 3,1879 age 58-3-16
Jahn Hartman d Nove 28 (rest missing)
John Hindbraugh d Mar 28,1892 age about 75 years

January,2002 update

The person that worked on restoring the cemetery is Jack Briles, the Floyd County(Indiana) INPSRP Coordinator. I have been in contact with him and am very grateful for his work on the cemetery.

I visited the cemetery on January 20-21, 2002 and did some work on it. Along with John Nohalty, who is the husband of my Fromholt cousin,Jeanne Nohalty, we cleared some ground and placed about thirty 16" square blocks down,and moved the found markers onto them. This gives them a better place to rest,other than the plywood they were once on. In the future, hopefully sometime this year, I will return and build a small awning over these stones, and also work on finding more that were pushed off over the side of the hill almost forty years ago. To see pics of our work,click here.

It seems there may have been more stones recovered since the time I originaly posted this page. On my next visit, I'll check the list of what I have, and if any new ones, I'll add them to this page.