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Teams of Our Lady in Oregon

Icon of the Holy Family


  Offering Couples a Way to Grow in
Married Love, Happiness & Holiness
Teams of Our Lady is --
an international Catholic community
of married couples meeting in Christ's name and
in communion with the Church,
who witness God's marvelous plan of love to the world around them,
and seek to live as the first Christians who said,
 "See how they love one another!"
Oregon TEAMS Marriage Retreat - March 2010
An Invitation
The Movement of the Teams of Our Lady seeks to promote an "authentic married love" that not only leads to God, but also to a more intimate and enriching relationship with one's spouse.  The Movement offers married couples the experience of living in a true Christian community along with the concrete means to grow and progress, as a couple, in the love of God and the love of neighbor.
Sharing both as a couple and with other couples can lead to a deeper spiritual life.

What Is a Team of Our Lady?
A Team of Our Lady is a Catholic community of 5 to 7 sacramentally married couples
and a Spiritual Counselor (ideally a priest), who choose to work together to achieve a common goal--growing closer to the Lord in and through their love for each other.  In order to attain this goal, they utilize the concrete means and techniques developed by the Movement. 
How Does it Work?
Monthly Meetings
A key feature of the Teams method is the monthly meeting that consists of:
        A simple meal
        Community prayer
        A time of sharing
        Discussion on a study topic

To promote personal and couple spiritual growth, Teams of Our Lady proposes that its members undertake a number of specific practices called "endeavors."  These endeavors aim to keep couples focused on growth in mutual love and love of God.  The Team provides the support and encouragement needed to persevere.  The six Endeavors are:
    1.   Regular Reading of the Word of God
    2.   Daily Personal Prayer 
    3.   Daily Prayer as a Couple and Family
    4.   Monthly Sit-Down 
    5.   Rule of Life 
    6.   Annual Marriage Retreat

    1.   Pray the Magnificat Daily
    2.   Attend the Monthly Team Meeting
    3.   Prepare the Monthly Study Topic, as a Couple
    4.   Contribute Annually to the Support of Teams
    5.   Have an Annual Team Evaluation and Commitment
    6.   Read the Quarterly Team Newsletter
    7.   Extend Hospitality to Other Teams
    8.   Attend Team Sessions and Sector Events
    9.  Attend an Extra Weekly Mass (as a Service Couple)
   10.  Imitate Christ in Your Daily Life

Seeking More Couples: We currently have several Teams in Oregon with openings for more couples.  If you are interested, please contact us. Information meetings can be arranged for individual couples or groups.

History of the Movement

The Teams of Our Lady movement was chartered in 1947 in France and has spread worldwide.  In the United States since 1958, the movement continues to grow throughout this country.  Teams of Our Lady is an international lay movement officially recognized by the Holy See as a lay institute under the Pontifical Council for the Laity.  The Teams of Our Lady are under the patronage of the Blessed Mother. Her canticle of joy, the Magnificat, is the daily prayer of the Teams.
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