. CVS Engineering Consulting Services can bring to your company the hands on experience you need to deliver your project on time and on budget.
CVS Engineering offers hardware design consulting services for state of the art electronics.
  • Over 20 years experience in:
    • CPLD and ASIC chip design.
    • Analog and Digital Board Design.
    • Mixed Signal Design.
    • Digital Signal Processing.
    • Machine Vision Systems

  • Experience in high speed, high throughput, parallel processing for automatic inspection and target recognition.

  • Specialist in the dynamic implementation of image processing algorithms in Altera 10K and 20K EPLDs.
Please feel free to review the projects delivered by CVS Engineering.
CVS Engineering offers a USB 2.0 to Altera ACEX FPGA Development Board
CPLD and ASIC Chip Design
Machine Vision Systems
Image Processing Systems
Computers and Graphics
Lasers Systems
Contact: Mark Presco