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My Resume
Mathematical Solutions - Software Solutions - Electronic Designs
5988 Malloy Ave.,
Ferndale, WA 98248
Phone: (360) 927-0285
Supervisory or lead position for medium to large scale projects involving architecture, design, management and implementation for any of the following disciplines: mathematical solutions, software solutions, electronic designs, information technology, audio/video engineering.
Specific Abilities
Software Design: Extensive experience building solid client, server and multi-tier applications and web services in Java, C++ (MFC) and C, for cross-platform web and SOA applications, Windows and database applications using Transact-SQL.
Digital Signal Processing: Expertise in FIR & IIR filters, Fourier Transform algorithms & waveform synthesis.
Microprocessors: Designed circuits using Intel and Motorola processors & DSP including high-level & assembly language programming of these devices.
Programmable Logic: Created successful designs using FPGAs, PAL & GAL devices using industry standard tools.
Notable Achievements
Attachmate Corporation (1999 - present): Currently Senior Staff Engineer for the Bellingham R&D site for web to host SOA connectivity products. Responsibilities include architectural direction to support the company strategy, and coordinating high level design efforts with other R&D sites. Research new technology and create high level designs using the appropriate technology. Set implementation requirements and set standards for best practices. Review project requirements, designs and implementations, and train software developers in the new technologies and standards.
Wall Data, Inc. (1995 - 1999): Senior Product Developer and Technologist for host connectivity products. Developed and maintained client-side Win 32 applications and APIs (DLLs, ActiveX controls & OLE Automation) for connectivity with the IBM Mainframe and AS/400, including Data Queues, Submit Remote Command and Distributed Program Call. Responsible for the development of critical components for a web portal project using Java Beans, Java Servlets, JSPs, HTML, XML and SQL technologies.
Custom Business Systems, Inc. (1992 - 1995): Co-developer of Digital Universe, an ambitious digital audio management system for the broadcast industry. Participated in the hardware, database and software design, involving DSP, FPGA logic, Transact-SQL, C and C++ (MFC) skills for Win 32 multi-threaded applications.
IGM Communications (1986 - 1992): Chief developer on the highly successful Master Control project for Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Munich. The system provides programming for sixteen transmitters, with automatic program sequencing, audio routing control, studio switching, and operator manual control. Specified equipment, wrote the system control software, designed custom electronics hardware, and integrated the new system into their existing facility. Authored the technical, operator and system administrator's manuals. Also designed, or assisted in the design and evolution of several other projects, including embedded microprocessor control of tape cartridge handling robotics, analog and digital audio switching, routing and processing products.
Broadcast Engineer (1978 - 1988): Served as chief engineer for several different radio stations. Held a full-time position with KCID AM/FM in Caldwell ID from 1978 until 1986, and worked simultaneously as a consultant for various stations from 1982 until 1988. Obtained my First Class FCC License (P1-13-10705) in 1979. Currently hold a lifetime General Radiotelephone Operator License (PG-13-17655).
Bachelor of Science: Mathematics & Physics, College of Idaho, 1978.
Graduate study: Signals & Linear Systems (sampled data systems and digital signal processing) from the C of I Physics Department, 1980.
Do the simplest thing that could possibly work. Then, make it work, make it right, make it fast.