Chapter 15
Bridge Making

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Page 1. Locate the position of the bridge.
Page 2. Fit Bridge to the top.
Page 3. Create the curve to fit the domeing of the top.
Page 4. Layout the cuts to be made on the bridge blank.
Page 5. Cut the slot for the saddle
Page 6. Make a fixture for holding the bridge
Page 7. Another view of the bridge holding fixture.
Page 8. Drilling the string holes.
Page 9. Facing the tie block.
Page 10. A bridge locating fixture .
Page 11. View of bridge locating fixture in use.
Page 12. Tools used to glue a bridge.
Page 13. Clamps in use.
Page 14. Another method of glueing the bridge.
Page 15. A simple wrap of twine and wedges inserted to apply pressure.