Classical Guitar

in the style Antonio Torres
replicating La Suprema 1864 with tornavoz and plans
by Neil Ostberg

This page is a resource for those intrested in learning to build acoustic guitars. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to send them to my address listed at the bottom of the page. Enjoy the Site.

Established 1998

Henrick Jansson Building Guitars at Ostberg's Shop

Henrik Jansson recieves his guitarmaker's journeyman certificate
and silver medal for good craftsmanship in the Stockholm City Hall,Sweden.

I. Introduction

0. Tool Sharpening.
1. Wood Getting, Splitting, Sawing And Curing.
2. Hide Glue Preporation and use.
3. Workboard or Solera.
4. Joining Top and Back,Gluing and Thinning.
5. Constructing the neck.
6. Bending the sides.
7. Make and Install Rosette.
8. Braces and Fan Braces.
9. Liners, peones, and glue blocks.
10. Body assembly install neck, top, sides, glue and end blocks,back liner back and glue back.
11. Banding and Purfeling.
12. Fingerboard gluing, frett fingerboard, dress fretts.
13. Surface Preperation, Scraping, Sanding Damping Off.
14. French Poslihing.
15. Bridge Making
16. Peg Making
17. Tornavoz Making

18. Torres Full Size Plans

19. 1800's style case making

20. Finished Torres and other replica guitars from the site shop. (including video and sound files)

21. 1888 Torres photographed by Richard Brune

22. Historic European guitars from the Östberg collection.

23. Lute Making.

History of VIM tractor

Wisconsin Archeology Page

I custom modified Georges guitars since the mid 1950's. The guitars you see here with no inlays on a flat board and cutaways in models that never came with cutaways are all my work. I also removed the lacquer on the playing area of the the neck and gave it a violin neck oiled finish to stop the laquer drag. This gave George speed. Also put in Humbucking pickups,his favorite,for him.

Neal Pritchette has put up audio clips, video to come.

Neil Östberg
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