Chapter 8
Braces and Fan Braces

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Page 1. Brace layout
Page 2. Connect dots
Page 3. Cutting the sound hole
Page 4. View of soundhole cutter
Page 5. Planing Braces
Page 6. Braces cut ready to glue
Page 7. Glueing fan braces
Page 8. Glueing main braces
Page 9. Finished top

Gluing back braces,back join support,shaping braces and back join support, with brace planeing fixture.

Take the time to make a brace planening fixture or shooting board. This will save you time and help produce better quality work. Drive square wooden pegs in round holes to make the stops shown in images. Carve away a little of the stop corners to provide lead and drive in a round hole. Yes a square peg will work in a round hole and works good.. Much ancient furniture is pegged this way. The pegs are called tree nails or trunnels. For the back join support area drive in two brads and cut off a little high and file to a point. These will help hold the join support while planeing or shapeing. The backs of Torres guitars are almost flat. I use the doming curve of the solera to shape the back braces and as a caul to glue the braces and join support.. This gives a slight curve mid back getting less towards the neck of the guitar. I prefer to glue the back join supports first,finish them and then cut away to receive main braces. The notches in the back join support helps position the main braces.