What is it?

Dear Friends,

Hey! You found the secret button! Thank you for spending some time with us, to explore our little world and see what we're all about! was named in homage to our resident little wingless duck, Peanut. One afternoon, Peanut was missing from the apartment. His owner searched every nook and cranny looking for the lost fuzzy duck. But he was nowhere to be found. She knew Peanut had a tendency to wander off, wiggling under bedcovers or playing the "invisible game" where he thought he was invisible if HE couldn't see YOU. But this was different. He could not be found in any of his usual (easy) hiding places. His owner felt terrible! How could she have lost Peanut?

She called her friend, Mr. Ragebomb, and asked if he'd seen Peanut, along with a plea to help find Peanut. As is turns out, he DID know where Peanut was... he was with HIM! But he didn't tell Peanut's owner... they were on a secret mission together. They had taken a car ride to go make a surprise video on location. Peanut had a special part in the video, along with his favorite "perching blocks". (These are the sawed off legs of a coffee table that Mr. Ragebomb bought from Ikea.)

Later that evening, Peanut was returned back to his home. To the delight and relief of his owner, she found Peanut the next morning! She eventually saw the Surprise Video at her bridal shower. Sometimes she sends a message to Mr. Ragebomb on his BlackBerry PDA, "Find Peanut!". Later, he surprised her again, and bought the domain name,

And so kids, that's why this whimsical site about all the little animals who live with us is named and dedicated to Peanut! Now you know!