HP printer won't install in VISTA

Tried many times to install this F2110 (F2100 series) HP printer.
This is from the disk that came with it, and a fresh download from the HP site
The HP installation fails time after time.

The HP installation trouble shooter recommended things like
1 - disabling antivirus
2 - Stopping all running programs (the ones that auto start with windoze
3 - Run the installation in 'compatibility mode'
4 - Downloading the installation from the HP site
5 - repeat 1,2 &3 with the new download

Well non of that worked. Either would silently fail, just closing the install progress window,
or that and a 'troubleshooter' error message saying there's help file now on the desktop.

Ok, after getting really P.O'd with it,  I quit trying and plugged the printer into my computer
running UBUNTU.  Guess what? It worked, just like that. Nothing to download,
nothing to install, it just worked - budda bing - budda boom.

BUT, I still need it to work on this VISTA machine, so, here we go again.

Ran the basic driver install download (the one HP makes 'hard to find' because it's
intended for 'system administrators' and doesn't include all the [what I will call] crapware)
It doesn't include the programs to manage your print jobs, photos, etc. It just operates
the printer/scanner as a printer or scanner.

OK, back to how it was successfully installed:

Running the HP install unpacks the installation to a folder in your temp folder - In VISTA it's
C:\Users\YOUR_ACCT\AppData\Local\Temp\7zS3110 (folder name varies)
See which folder is generated by having the temp folder open when you start the HP install
and note its location and name.

Then open Printers in Control panel, and click Add New Printer, when it asks for the installation
click Browse my Computer and enter the path to the unpacked installation files. In my case it was

By this time the HP failed again,  I knew it would and there appeared a warning down by
the clock that said failed install, but windoze Vista actually installed the printer.