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A USB device of yours just quit working?   This may be why
"A reasonable company would go after the manufacturers of fake chips, not the consumers who are most likely unaware they have a fake chip"  HACKADAY
They say the 'workaround' is to download config utility for FT232 from the FTDI website.  But it appears to have been taken off that page. (10/23/14)


Isn't this special? Take a look


Older windows programs on the new machine?
repeatedly failing
XP stuck on SP2
Problems and Solutions that don't go away
Some thoughts
This may not really be a peeve, but a M$ 'feature' in excel.

VISTA (& newer) won't 'see' SD cards larger than 1gb

HP printer won't install in VISTA

Computer extremely slow or locked up?
CPU at 100% in task manager?

This isn't a M$ only fault. But a fault of the industry
rushing to 'connect everything. Smart TV's, Smart refrigerators, 'connected' homes and the like.  If it's connected to the internet, it's vulnerable.
Hackers use connected home appliances to launch global cyberattack

Another feature to be exploited with these 'connected' devices: ads.

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Computer extremely slow or locked up?
CPU at 100% in task manager?
Wuauclt.exe and/or svchost.exe being overly active and pegging CPU activity at near 100%.
It's so bad, usually right at start-up, that the computer is unusable for up to 30 min. or more
One solution found has only been a temporary fix. Works fine for a week or so, then it's back
to the CPU being near 100%

The other is to disable automatic updates.
Right click on My Computer
Select: Properties. Then the Automatic Updates tab.
Click: Turn off automatic updates check box.
Right click on My Computer
select: Manage - Services
Shut down "Automatic Updates"
Change it's start-up to Disabled.
You can manually do the updates every couple of months or so.
Start >> All Programs >> Windows Update
Install all Important updates.
Then check to see if Automatic Updates setting changed.
Set to Disabled if so.

It's not the 'prettiest' work-around, but it's worked for me on a couple of occasions.





I've had some old Microsoft Works files saved for some time. When the computer that they were created on died, I did not think that there would be a problem, as the new computer also had Works.

How wrong I was. Microsoft changed how Works worked. And, in their ultimate wisdom, Microsoft decided to NOT enable opening of the files in the new versions.
They also have never released a "work around" or tool to convert the files to something that can be opened.

Now, the files I have, are important to me. But after a year of searching for a solution, and a further years of thinking it's fruitless, I've stumbled upon a solution.
I say stumble because I wasn't looking for it. I was searching for something else.

This solution will convert your Microsoft Works .wks files to Excel files (,xls)
It does REQUIRE Excel be installed. Many have it installed at the OEM level.

Once converted to .xls, OpenOffice and many other open source office suites can open and modify them. YIPPIE!

I'm happy again.  Thanks for nothing Microsoft
MS Works Converter @ download.cnet.com



I uninstalled Nero and use their 'clean tool' to correct any possible errors. Now when I insert an audio CD the autoplay options appear with four options which say Error: Unknown Resource ID using Nero Burning ROM, Nero SoundTrax, Nero Express & Nero ShowTime . Does anyone know how I can stop this from happening?
YES, There is a FIX. It required editing the REGISTRY, so care is required.
I removed a dozen NERO entries. Must be done one at a time.



UPDATES that fail, time after time:

Here's an example of MS and how messed up their OS is.
There's unnecessary updates being downloaded because of entries, somewhere
on users machines, that says the update is needed. Yet, in actuality, they are not. 
I've had an update for powerpointviewer2003 failing for the last year.
It's installed. But trying to decipher the KB about the failed update is no help in resolving it.
Today I've uninstalled it and installed PowerpointViewer2007.
Let's see what happens now.
Yeah, I know I could have told MSUpdate to not offer the update any longer.
But I'm game to see what this does.
UPDATE: The last round of updates failed the update for the newer version also.
I guess the only alternative is to check the box, Do not offer this update.



XP (stuck at) SP2 on an AMD Processor?
BEFORE installing SP3, Run this tool and disable the driver it finds

I ran into an XP machine that's only updated to SP2. Took a look at Window Update and the page failed.  A search for the cause lead to a missing M$ KB update. installed and still failed.
Checked installed updates. None installed since SP2 was rolled out . Auto Updates is ON, WTF?  Oh, OK, SP3 installs updates to the updating software. That's missing
M$ Fixit Center fails - that requires SP3 and Netframework3.
Here come the trouble: installed SP3 manually. Rebooting machine fails. M$'s built in boot failure diagnostics fails.
HA! more  shortcoming of M$sof.  XP SP3. Yeah, their security pack for XP.

It's NOT compatible with some computers running on AMD processors.
Seems they install some software that will crash the computer if SP3 is installed.
The solution was to start in Safe Mode, Restore to before SP3 installation.
And search some more. Found the above solution.




In an older windows program run on a new machine may get nothing but this:

The Help for this program was created in Windows Help format, which was used in previous versions of Windows and it is not supported in Windows Vista., 7 or 8

Find the 'fix' for it here :http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917607

NOTE: needs Genuine check.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Some other problems including it not starting at all
may be solved with

Right click on the shortcut for the program,
(That's what you double click to start it)
click on Properties
Then on Find Target location.
Right click on this file and again on Properties.
Find and change Compatibility Mode to a previous version.
One should get you going again.
But you may still have to fix the HELP function(above)

Microsoft FixIt Center. Might work, no guarantees.

Maybe this is what to do?




Some thoughts and observations

M$ Vi$TA SUX at being a user friendly OS.
M$ may have made it more secure from outside attacks (is that true, I don't think so considering all the 'updates' on that platform) but it is sooooo unfriendly to the user. Asking "Do you want to run a program You installed, time after time. Marking the program as "run as administrator" and you still get the warning.  WIN7 is no better. What's WIN6 going to be like???

WIN7 and WIN8 "Eye Candy"?
Going to buy a new computer with WIN7 just because you like the 'eye candy'
Buy a MAC, They've had the 'eye candy' desktop for years, and know how to do it.
Win7 'eye candy" is a resource hog, meaning most of the hardware is needed just to turn the damn machine on.  It's not there for your needs. Advanced users: many programs will have to be purchased again. Your old SP versions are prone to not being 'compatible', sorry. Programmed obsolescence?
Most of your existing external hardware has a good chance of not working on your new computer.
Get a MAC for the 'eye candy' fancy display.
If all you do is some web surfing, email, and photos, There's no need for a new computer.
Do some maintenance on your XP machine, and maybe a memory upgrade, and it will serve you well for many more years.

If you're skeptical of your ability to maintain or upgrade, you can have me do it for you.
I can also walk you through it so you can perform maintenance confidently in the future.
My rates are very competitive.


Problems and Solutions (VISTA)
Got 'Problems and Solutions' bothering you?

They don't clear if/when you click on Report Problems.

Yet, every now and then they keep popping up. and want you to report them again.

They're older than the hills and you can't delete them?
(Right click on the problem-Delete)
Here's what to do -
To clear out your Problems and Solutions history the manual way go to
If you don't see the ProgramData folder, Click on Folder Options found under Tools in the C: window or in Control Panel.
Then the VIEW tab. Check Show Hidden files and folders. Then OK.
- - After Deleting the files, return that setting to Do not show - - -

Inside you will see two folders - i delete the contents in both.
Don't delete the folders, just their contents.



Excel Feature?

M$ Security?  Yeah right
Excel - How to Unprotect an excel sheet without password