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Welcome to the Napoleonic Medical Encyclopedia!
By Abe Schreier

    Welcome to The Napoleonic Medical Encyclopedia.  This acclaimed and comprehensive online encyclopedia has a wide depth of content and information.  As part of the Historical Online Encyclopedia database, this site will be sure to fascinate and amaze you on every article.  Thank you for choosing to use this comprehensive and interactive database for all your researching needs and pleasures.

    I created this site for my term project.  I thought it would be kind of cool if I made an interactive encyclopedia instead of some boring term paper.  So this site was born.  I also made it so people could google in this topic and have a entire encyclopedia devoted to it.  Hopefully soon you can type "Military Medicine during the Napoleonic Wars" and get this site.  (I submitted it to google.  It should be in the site index about a week from now.)  I am also constantly updating this database.  By the time this project is due, I will probably have only half of the planned articles completed; but, I will finish them soon after and will continue  to produce more articles and information as long as I am still interested. (Which should be forever!)

    The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars that follow can be often seen as a bloody attempt at democracy and a time that the whole stability of the continent was at stake.  We may see reinactments of some of the famous battles of the era and we may ponder at the thought, how horrible it would be to be wounded.   My project attempts to look at this issue faced by the armies of this time and will look at some attempts at making the removal of the wounded more efficient.  I will also look at the founder of modern surgery, Baron Dominique-Jean Larrey

Amputation Chart
Pretty nasty! (click for a link to the source)

    The Napoleonic Wars truly affect modern society in every way.  They may seem remote but you can see the affect it had still today in Europe.  There where many advances in technology and most importantly, military medicine.  Modern-day surgery was born in the Napoleonic Wars.  You can thank my hero, Baron Dominique-Jean Larrey for that!  The modern ambulance was invented and many more things changed during this turbulent time in history.




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