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Background images are Watercolors by Emma Craib (fa) of our 2003 Cayuga Lake meet
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Laing's Meet - 2/8/2020
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Old Boats Buffalo
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Observation by Don Saulsbury
Buffalo Maritime Center - 5/4/2019
East Sidney Meet - 5/12/2018
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Don Hyatt's Meet - 6/13/2015
Constantine Meet - 7/6/2018
Tomahawk Meet- 7/31/2013
Old Boats Buffalo Show - 9/7/2018
Mark Suter's Meet - 10/24/2015
Mohawk Hudson Meet-9/21/2014
Rocky Hill, CT - 3/19/2016
Wolverine Chapter
Finger Lakes Boat Show - 7/27/2018
BJ Pawlacyk's Visit - 10/23/2015
Pugsley's Marine Meet - 1/21/2017
Upper Canada Chapter
Paradise Boat Works Meet-10/7/2017
Silver Lake Dust-Off 6/2/2018
Check back occasionally. New meets will be posted when finalized.

May 1, 2021 Buffalo Maritime Center, 90 Arthur Street, Buffalo, NY 14207
(See Buffalo Maritime Center flyer on "Meets page 1")

May 8,2021 Propeller Fellers Facebook Group, 8285 Transit Road, East Amherst, NY 14051 - (See flyer on "Meets page 2") - not affiliated with AOMCI

June 5, 2021 Silver Lake State Park Boat Launch - 4301 West Lake Road
Silver Springs, NY 14550