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PRLP 174
No.'s 166-190 : "White & Gold Pullmans"
Two, Brill Maximum Traction
Two, GE-58 (37.5 hp)
Two, GE K-10
National emergency air PV
7' .75"
20,360 lbs.
Two longitudinal
28 passengers (45 with standees)
Narrow (42")

Comments:  These cars were argueably the most famous, and photogenic, in the old City & Suburban roster.  Ordered from the Pullman Co. of Chicago, they were not the first Pullman trolleys in town (Willamette Bridge Railway had begun the first electric streetcar service using Pullmans in 1889) but they made the biggest impression.  C&S' pride was reflected in a gay white color scheme with elaborate gilt trim and their twin Brill Maximum Traction trucks gave them a comfortable ride.  They were originally numbered 51-74.

By the PRL&P years this series had enclosed platforms and, of course, were painted in maroon and cream livery like the rest of the fleet (though still with gilt trim).  The original group of 24 cars had been reduced to 13 by the 1920s.  Car No. 190 was never mentioned on PRL&P inventories.

Like other C&S veterans, PRL&P used these old Pullmans for short and stub line service.  They were also leased out to traction companies in Kenton and Parkrose.  The former "White & Gold" cars were retired about ten years earlier than some other C&S series. 

Retirement:  1913 = 177, 182, 188, 189, 172; 1915 = 166;
1917 = 180 (some say 1927); 1919 = 174; 1923 = 167, 175, 176, 183; 1924 = 168, 171, 163, 178, 181; 1926 = 169, 170; 
1927 = 184.  See additional notes for information on damaged cars and others missing from this list.

Technical Notes:  No.'s 168, 171, 173 and 180 were converted to one-man operation in later years. 

No.'s 168 and 176 had GE K-11 controllers by retirement.  No.'s 167 and 171 had both K-10 and K-11 controllers (one each). 

No. 187 was damaged in a collision and subsequently destroyed in 1911. 

No. 185 was listed as "damaged" and out of service in 1915, possibly indicating it, too, had been involved in an accident.  Some notes say it had been retired two years previous to this. 

In 1913 cars 169 and 170 were sold to realtors Hartman and Thompson for use on their Portland-Troutdale Electric Railway (a stub service  which ran from 82nd and Sandy to Parkrose).  When the Parkrose Line was bussed in 1926 these cars were brought back and scrapped. 

No.'s 166 and 177 were turned over to Kenton Traction Company in 1915 (not sure whether leased or sold). 

Cars 172, 182 and 189 were put up for sale in 1915.  They were not bought, though, so they were scrapped in 1917. 

Motors and electrical equipment were removed from cars 167, 168, 171, 173-76, 178-81, 183 and 184 in 1917. 

Retirement did not necessarily mean scrapping. Many former "White & Gold's" were stored at locations throughout the system (including Savier, Piedmont and Milwaukie carbarns) until 1927.  No. 177 was still around and labeled "unserviceable" in 1917.  Cars 167, 175-79, 181 and 183 were listed as "unserviceable" and without motors during a 1922 field check.  At the same time No.'s 168, 171, 173, 180 and 184 were described as only being in "fair" condition.  No. 186 was described as having burned in an accident at Chapman Street (13th St. Line), no date given. 

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