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Dinner on the grounds in central Illinois. Click on any photo to view an enlargement.

Welcome to the Mackinaw River Valley Civil War Civilian Internet home. This site is devoted to researching, creating, and demonstrating accurate impressions of civilians from Central Illinois during the 19th century. All interested parties are welcome to learn from these pages. Every attempt is made for historical accuracy while enjoying the recreations, making new friends, and teaching others about the roles of civilians from Illinois in the 19th century. The purpose is to learn and grow with tolerance, guidance, and understanding.

Blacksmith at Minooka, Illinois, Reenactment

Demonstrators of the past, often called "Living Historians," involve themselves in three essential activites: research, creation, and demonstration. Research in books, newspapers, diaries, letters, photographs, artifacts, and other primary sources helps them make their impressions as historically accurate as possible. They create their impressions using local seamstresses and craftsmen, commercial sutlers, emporiums, flea markets, their own devices, or any other source that provides material goods that closely resemble objects used during the 19th century. Demonstrations to experience the 19th century and teach others about the era occur at reenactments, museums, school events, civic organization meetings, round tables, and any other venue where people hold an interst in civilian life in Illinois during the 19th century.

United States Sanitary Commission photograph (Library of Congress)

There are three ways to contact a Civil War Civilian living in the Mackinaw River Valley in central Illinois. You can send an email. Click here to send an email. You can speak to someone at an event. Click here to go to the Events Calendar. Finally, you can complete the form on the "Leave A Message" page. Click here to go to the Leave a Message page. Whatever method you use, your response and input is welcome and appreciated.
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This site was created in October, 2004.  All original material is copyrighted and any blame or credit should be attributed to the owner and operator, Van O. Furrh.