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********This site is under construction ********

Hello and welcome to my web page.  My name is Jack C. Shutt and my amateur radio call sign is W9GT.  As you will see in these pages I am an avid amateur radio and electronics enthusiast , I have been a "ham"  since 1959.   I also have many other interests including old cars, 50-60's nostalgia, building all kinds of things including radio and electronics projects, woodworking, and various home improvement endeavors.  I enjoy collecting and restoring antique radios and tube-type amateur radio equipment.  Another interest is trains....both the model variety and the real thing.  I am a member of the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society and enjoy seeing and just being around it's wonderful restored Berkshire locomotive Nickel Plate 765.

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W9GT with the Collins 30K4 Transmitter
This is me (K9UBF then) at the rig in 1960

I enjoy all modes , but I'm an avid fan of AM operation and I'm particularly fond of nostalgic/classic radio.  I first embarked on my amateur radio career in 1959 as KN9UBF.  My first AM phone operation was in 1960 using a screen-modulated Knight T-50 transmitter and a Heathkit AR-3 receiver.



Sunday, March 30, 2008

New web page established
Well I finally got the new page up and running.  Any suggestions for improvements or additions would be appreciated.
12:06 pm est