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My name is Jack C. Shutt and hold an amateur radio Extra Class license and the call sign W9GT.   I have been a licensed radio amateur for nearly 49 years, first starting as a novice in August of 1959 with the call sign KN9UBF.  I became K9UBF in 1960 and held that call until 1977 when I was issued N9GT.  I held that call until 1999, when I received my present call W9GT.  Over that period of time, I have dabbled in many aspects of the hobby, including CW, SSB, VHF and UHF, FM and repeaters, DXing and contesting, and my present primary interest of AM, Nostalgia / Classic Radio, and collecting and restoring tube-type gear.  I have collected quite a large amount of old gear and I really enjoy operating the "boatanchors" on AM.
I have worked in the electronics and telecommunications field most of my life.  I retired from GTE/Verizon in 2001 after 33 years of service.  I'm presently working at Embarq (formerly the local telecom division of Sprint) in Decatur, Indiana.
I can most frequently be found on 75 M on the popular AM frequencies, as well as 160M and 40M.    I also enjoy occasional contests and DXing on the HF bands as well as 6 meters.