32 Accelerator Rebuild; Stainless

The original accelerator pedal's plating was worn off where it was contacted by the drivers foot and the rod evidently never had any plating and would be hard to paint as it rotates in the tubular housing and the return spring would be rubbing on it. So I thought it would be nice to remake them both in stainless steel. I found some stock in my stash and bought a couple of new hacksaw blades and went to work. And it is work to cut and file stainless; its much tougher than mild steel.

I used 1/8 inch thick sheet for the spoon and 1/4 inch for the arm. The spoon was formed in a V block and a vise with a hammer and a round bar. The arm was bent to shape while heated with the torch. The round boss is from a 5/8 round piece which I drilled a 1/4 inch pilot hole into.

Pedal Parts.<BIG></BIG>

My good friend Mike tig welded the parts together for me. Here's the new pedal along with the original. The ball on the old pedal is part of the hand throttle; unique to 32's; 33 and 34's pedals are similar but don't have the ball.

Pedal Welded.<BIG></BIG>

I turned a ball on the end of some 5/16" round stainless followed by a taper. Then I bent it to match the original with the aid of a simple fixture. The bend at the ball end is the opposite way of the stock original; this direction matched up better to the Stromberg 97 carburetor. I had changed my original previously. I set up the angle of the pedal and the shaft to match the original and then drilled a 1/8" hole for a split pin.

Pedaland Shaft.<BIG></BIG>

Drivers Side<BIG></BIG>

Engine Side<BIG></BIG>

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