Blue Streak Voltage Regulator Booklet


The following files are scanned from the booklet "the Hows and Whys of voltage regulators" by the Standard Motor Products.

The first file is a PDF that has two pages of the booklet on each page of the PDF to make it easier to read.

Click here to download the file:

The two other files are scans of both sides of the sheets of the booklet that can be printed out on both sides of the paper that will make a booklet like the original.

Printing double sided booklet:

The booklet is printed on 8 1/2 X 11 sheets and and trimmed to size, then folded in half which makes the finished booklet 6 1/2 X 6 1/2. If you have heavier paper on hand it will give better results, as the lighter paper lets the printing on the reverse side show through. To print the booklet, print the first set of pages from this file: Front side of double sided pages: NOTE: To avoid frustration you may want to print one sheet at a time rather than letting the PDF program print all four sheets at once unless you're sure in what order your printer will print.

The first set is the front side of the four sheets of the booklet:

Cover Outside
Pages 1&12
Pages 3&10
Pages 5&8

To print on the reverse side of the sheets above you need to determine how your printer operates. The printer I use feeds from the front and prints on the bottom of the page. As the sheet comes out of the printer it turns and comes back out of the front so that the printed side is now on the top. And the first sheet printed will be on the bottom of the stack. So I take the sheets just printed and rotate them around in a group; keeping the pages pointing in the same direction as they were when fed into the printer. Now print the reverse sides of the pages in the order below:

The reverse side of the sheets are in this file; the order is reversed to match the order of the first set out of the printer. Rear side of double sided pages:

Pages 6&7
Pages 9&4
Pages 2&11
Cover Inside

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Updated on ... Sept. 16,2015