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“Always love your country — but never trust your government!"
Robert Novak

10 Commandments

The Bible Today

How to Recognize and Fight a Terrorist on a Plane

What Israel Can Teach Us About Security

Fort Hood Muslim Terrorist Attack

Class Act Shows Up at Fort Hood

A Soldier Died Today

Islamic Terrorist Attacks on America

Old Age Ain't No Place For Sissies

Why Carry a Gun

How I looked at the end of my teen years!

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy - Kings Point

Merchant Marine Academy Cadet-Midshipmen Killed in WW II

MacArthur's West Point Address

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Join the "Long Gray Line"

Here are some of our Other web links:

Panama Canal Cameras

Tommy Daniels

Thomas Ray Daniels is the brother of my high school class mate.  He was killed in action  in Vietnam after being in country for only 3 months.  If you have any information on the details of his death, the family urgently wants to know.  Please contact his sister, Darlene Bendel at (480)-816-1692 .  She would very much like to hear from you.  IT MEANS A LOT.

Apollo Program

Where were you when Apollo 11 landed on the moon?  I was at the Cape (Kennedy), and was part of the contractor network locally supporting the Apollo program.   Click on the above image for a link to the history of the Apollo Program at the Cape.  Watching every one of the Saturn-V's lift off was a special thrill!

Cool Links

A Dictionary of Units of Measurements

Media (Nationwide) Contacts

Free IFR Flight Tracker: Status, Tracking, History, Graphs, and Maps

Sanctuary Cities

The Bible Today

Enemy Within

Bureaucrats - Federal, State & Local - Plus Islam

Conspiracy Against Taxpayers

Government Pay

National Taxpayers  Union

Public School Problems

Worm in the Apple

What to Do?

Leave No Teachers Behind

Lefty Teachers Meet the MP3 Player/Recorder


Daniel Pipes

Jihad Watch

Here are some of our favorite Conservative web links:

U.S. Constitution

MacArthur's West Point Address

What Good is a Handgun Against an Army

Survival Data (Getting Started)

How Many? - Units of Measurement

Media (Nationwide) Contacts

Follow the Dollars

Ayn Rand's Anthem

Right Bias Blog

Freedom's Lighthouse

Favorite News & Events Links

Business Week

Breitbart - News Only

Cybercast News Network

Drudge Report

Fox News

Free Republic

Front Page Magazine

Global Security


National Review


News Max

Northeast Intelligence Network

Northwest News

Oregon Watchdog

Reference Desk (Drudge's Father)

The American Thinker

Washington Times

Select Your Own Newspaper

A Few Favorite Blogs

Michelle Malkin Blog


Real Clear Politics

Scrappleface (Satire)

Favorite Online Shopping






Here are a few Liberal web links:


CBS (See B.S.)


Oregonian Newspaper

Los Angeles Times


New York Times


The New Republic

USA Today

Washington Post

A Salute to Our Troops - (click here)  - God Bless Them!

The Self-Made Man

The Self-Made Man



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