. Laser Systems..Laser Micro-Machining..Remote Active Spectrometer
Laser Systems
  • 1994-1996 Florod Corporation provided custom equipment for manufacturing. Focusing on Laser Micro-Machining Systems and then expanding to include Automatic Inspection Machines.
    • Designed a versatile circuit board set that speeded production of custom Laser Micro-Machining Systems.
      • Altera 7K EPLDs were used to facilitate unique customer requirements for such systems as the MEL70.
  • 1986 Hughes Aircraft won a contract to produce a field version of Stanford Research Institutes chemical warfare detection system. Using CO2 lasers to create an infra-red spectrum, spectral absorption techniques were used to detect chemical warfare agents at a distance. Called the Remote Active Spectrometer (RAS), Hughes Aircraft successfully completed field tests at Dugway Proving Grounds.
    • Responsible for the RAS host computer, a PC-XT
      • Designed ISA card to interface to the RAS electronics and SRIs computer.
      • Wrote the system operating software.
    • Here's a movie clip about RAS: RAS Movie