Headquartered in Everett, Washingon, our company is a nationally recognized, innovative Barber and Beauty College . We  bring to the table all of the talents that we have put together over 40 years Of experience. We have a commitment to customer service, continuous improvement of education and learning.

Our outstanding team has the credentials and experience to help you get to where you want to go.

Our philosophy is “Love yourself, Love working with people and love the beauty of art with an eye for perfection. This will bring happiness, joy and true success” A.H.C. Barber & Beauty College focus is to step outside the safe zone to release the creative talents within, to be more innovative. A.H.C. Barber & Beauty College provides access to learning from your creative side.  


Donald Sharrett is a:
Lic. Instructor of Cosmetology, Barbering, Aestheticts And Manicuring.
Mr. Sharrett is the owner of AHC SALONs. He has been in the Hair industry for forty years. He is a Instructor, Registered Counselor,  Writer, Motivator and Innovator in the Sales and Cosmetology industry. His goal is to bring education and a higher income to the Professions of Cosmetology. Mr. Sharrett has been on the Washington Department of licensing Cosmetology Board from 2003 through 2007. His hope is that higher education will bring the employee together with the employer for a better out come for there futures.
You can contact Donald Sharrett directly at don@ahcHair.com


Kris Sharrett
Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Consultant in the needs of Hair replacement and Repair
Kris Sharrett specializes in programs for Chemotherapy management in regards to hair and aesthetics.  Directing the department of next day repair for Hair Replacement cut in, he brings Seven years of Hair repair & Hair experience, such as advanced training at the Sasoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA to the table, providing a rich store of firsthand knowledge from which to draw. 

You can contact Kris at  kris@ahcHair.com


Bonnie is an Instructor of Cosmetology & has many years of experience to bring to our students.
Bonnie went to Aladdin Beauty College in Roswell N.M. in 1990. Bonnie moved to Washington in 2004 . She has been in the hair industry for 19 years and has been a creative and innovative leader.Bonnie is a licensed Cosmetologist and Instructor of Cosmetology. She has been with AHC (Associated Hair Cutters) for two years. Teaching has always been her passion. She is devoted to the student's education with an ear for listening.

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