About Us


Saint Bernadette Parish is an ethnically diverse, welcoming community of Christians. We share the good news of Jesus Christ with the people we serve as we strive to grow more fully as a community in the traditions of the Catholic Church.


Recognizing our rich historical heritage, we embrace the future with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Contact Us

Reverend Marcos León, V.E.
Mailing address:
311 11th St., Butner, NC 27509
919. 575. 4537

Mass & Liturgy Schedule

English Masses Summer
(Memorial Day to Labor Day)

Sunday9:00 am Mass
Sunday10:30 am Mass

English Masses Fall, Winter, and Spring
(Frist Sunday After Labor Day to Last Sunday Before Memorial Day)

Saturday5:00 pm Vigil Mass
Sunday9:00 am Mass

Santa Misa

Domingo12:00 pm Mass

Faith Formation

All classes: Sunday 10:15am-11:30am

For Baptisms, Weddings or Visitations to the sick

Contact Parish Office: phone 919-575-4537 or email st_bernadette3@frontier.com