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Model Boat Accessories and Fittings
Rubber Baby Tugboat Bumpers

I have recently begun to create a line of Model Boat Accessories.
Starting out with model tug boat Fenders or Bumpers.
Hopefully the product line will expand.

$12.00 - (4 pcs) Each piece is 6.5" long

1/48th scale SDM tug boat model using 120" of the small folded fenders.

Small Folded fenders - RTBT 01
1/4" high, by 1/2" deep x 6.5" long
Four(4 pcs)  - $12.00
Rubber Baby Tugboat Bumpers Umi_Ryuzuki


3/8" = 1'-0" fender for the Dolphin Class tugs

3/8"(9.5mm) square ribbed fender Perfect for springers.

Large Bow fender

New 1/48 scale radar with large 8ft scale antenna

1/32 Scale radar and gear box

1/24 scale Generic Radome M-05

Single High Lamps

Double High Lamps

Deck Work Light - small and large

Springer Lighting - 4mm Double lamps and interior control panel

Single drum Hydraulic winch


1"(25mm) Ball fender

Hanging side Fender 5/8"d x2-3/16" long(15mm d x 55mm long)

Rubber Baby Tugboat Bumpers

Barrel Fenders


Custom quantities made to order.
Please contact me for
 availability and shipping.
Paypal accepted.

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The first set of bumpers represent folded rubber fenders of modern tug boats. The pieces are 1/4" high, by 1/2" deep. The extra depth allows the pieces to be cut to the desired depth(from the front edge to the boat hull) or angle cut to mount on the bullwarks. The rubber is polyurethane, and can be cemented in place useing rubberized cyanoacrylate glue.

How these fenders are typically installed.


The Medium Folded Fenders - RTBT 02
 3/8"h x 7/8" d x 6" long.
 Three(3) pieces - $14.00.
The Large Folded Fenders - RTBT 03
1/2"h x 1 1/8"d x 6" long
 Two(2) pieces - $14.00
The Small Bow Fender - RTBT 04
1 " high and tapers down to 3/8"
it is 3/8' deep and 5 " long.
 Two(2) Pieces - $12.00

3/8"=1'-0" Folded TIRE fenders
Created by Mel Suezle for the Dolphin Class tug  - RTBT 06
 3/8" highx 3/8" deep, by 6-1/2" long
Four (4)pieces for $14.00 plus shipping

RBTB 11 - Square Ribbed Fender -
 Great for Springers Tugs
3/8" (9.5mm) square x 6"(152mm) long
Four(4) pieces are $12.00
Custom colors available
Large bow fender - RTBT 05
2 1/2' high and tapers down to 3/4'
it is 3/8' deep and 5 ' long
Two(2) pieces are $14.00
All the fenders are very flexible.

 1/48 scale radar antenna.
Gear box is 1/4" wide x 3/8" long x 5/16" tall
Base is 1/4"x 1/4" x 5/32" tall
Antenna is 2" long x 5/32" wide.
Antenna is scaled to 8 feet but may be cut down to desired size.
M-03 $5.00 plus shipping
1/32 scale radar antenna.
Gear box is 3/8" wide x 5/8" long x 1/2" tall
Base is 11/32"x 11/32" x 11/64" tall
Antenna is 3" long x 1/4" wide.
Antenna is scaled to 8 feet but may be cut down to desired size.
M-04 $6.00 plus shipping
New 1/24 scale radar antenna.
1" Diameter x 3/8" tall Comes with decals M-05 - $4.00

 Double and single 4mm and 6mm marking lamps.
Flood lamps are 3/8" wide x 1/4" high x 3/16" deep.
(9.5mmW X 6.3mmH X 4.75mm deep)
All Lamps $2.50 each. Unless otherwise noted*
LTG-1 Running Light small RED single high
LTG-2 Running Light small GREEN single high
LTG-3 Running Light small CLEAR single high
LTG-4 Running Light small AMBER single high
LTG-5 Running Light med RED double high
LTG-6 Running Light med GREEN double high
LTG-7 Running Light med CLEAR double high
LTG-8 Running Light med AMBER double high
LTG-9 Running Light Large RED double high
LTG-10 Running Light Large GREEN double high
LTG-11 Running Light Large CLEAR double high
LTG-12 Running Light Large AMBER double high
LTG-13 Deck Work Light Small
LTG-15 Deck work light Large
LTG-16 Running Light Large RED single High
LTG-17 Running Light Large GREEN sngle High
LTG-18 Running Light Large CLEAR sngle High
LTG-19 Running Light Large AMBER sngle Hgh
LTG-20 *ASD Consoles small 1:60-1:48
            - $6.00/pair (2 pieces)
LTG-21 *ASD Consoles Medium 1:32 
            - $8.00/pair (2 pieces)
LTG-22 *ASD Consoles Large 1:24 
            - $10.00/pair (2 pieces)

SDM tug with 4mm double marking lights and floodlights

Single Drum Hydraulic winch Polyurethane Resin casting
2.5"long x 1.75" wide x 1.5" tall
M-01 $5.00

1" diameter Ball fender
At 1/24 scale that would be
a 24" round fender.
The nipple is cast in hard polyurethane with a brass screw eye for durablity. Ball is cast in soft polyurethane rubber. *
RBTB-07 Four(4) pieces are $12.00
Custom colors available e-mail for more info
Hanging Side Fender Dx
 Each nipple is cast in hard polyurethane with a brass screw eye for durablity. Fender is cast in soft polyurethane rubber.*
Fender 5/8"diameter x 2-3/16" long. (15mm dia. x 55mm long)
RBTB-08 Four(4) pieces are $14.00
Custom colors available e-mail for more info

Barrel fenders
1-3/4" long x 5/8"
(44.5mm long x 15mm dia. )
Hole through center allows two hanging options. Fender is cast in soft polyurethane rubber.*
RBTB-09 Four(4) pieces are - $12.00
Limited quantity in white
Custom colors available e-mail for more info

Two possible hanging options

Products Shown Here are
 Now available from
Modelbouw Shop Flevoland,
 Almere Netherlands

* Rubber Castings are difficult at best, and some seams, and air bubbles
may remain trapped in the  parts. While I try to minimize these issues,
 Some defects will remain.  

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