Burton's Firearm Instruction, Inc.
Burton's Firearm Instruction, Inc.


"So others, may live".

Since 1992 we at BFI have been dedicated to educating the public, in matters of personal security, safety awareness and self defense. Our instruction has already reached many of the greater Seattle and Pacific Northwest population and the response has been very positive. We now offer this instruction to the world. With this website, we would like to offer to the public, a venue to learn and discuss self defense, sign-up for and take classes in various defensive methods, and a way to purchase items related to self defense.

We are also dedicated to providing only the best in self defense training and products. We have decided to sell only products we ourselves would use in a violent encounter. The products selling here have been used, tested or researched while "On the Job", and have proven themselves to be durable, reliable, and easy to use.

"If we wouldn't use it ourselves, it's not here."

"Remember too, the products are only as good as the training you receive and practice".
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