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Gale Burton
Lead Instructor

In 1989 I realized my vulnerability when I was alone with my daughter in my house.   Late in the evening I went to open my window, to find a man standing there.  Needless to say this was the start of my thinking... " What would have happened IF...?"  The next week someone was in my locked back yard.   A friend of mine said that it was time that I got some instruction on how to protect myself, as well as my daughter.  Thus, started my search for training.

Upon the completion of my first handgun course, I found it so interesting that I continued on to the next level, and so forth.  I realized early on, that there isn't one kind of weapon, or one type of instruction that was going to save one's life.   It was a combination of the thought process, techniques, and practices which helps one live through a violent encounter.   Due to this realization, I have gone through, and continue to go through many different types of training.  This allows me to take the best of many disciplines, and put together thorough systems of defense.

I have been a victim of violent crime, and know that I will NOT be a victim again!  This comes from deep within the soul; to know that you have the confidence and knowledge to handle yourself in a violent confrontation.

One of your most important considerations while looking for a person who is going to help you to train, is their personal qualifications to instruct you.  You have the right to ask any person who is going to be teaching you what their qualifications are.  You will find that a great many so-called trainers are sorely lacking in their education. Therefore, how can they be your trainer??

~ Here is a brief sampling of the courses I have taken to develop myself as a Professional Trainer:

-- Womens Handgun Defense, Advanced Handgun Defense, Defensive Handgun Qualification, Defensive Shotgun, Certified Capstun User/Instructor (Marty Hayes - FAS)
-- Civilian Firearms Instructors Certification (NRA)
-- Unarmed Self-Defense Techniques/Tactics, Offensive/Defensive Knife Fighting (Joe & Connie Strain - Counter Attack Studios)
-- LFI I/II - Introduction to Deadly Force, Police Survival, Handgun /Long Gun Retention/ Disarming, 40 hour training program in the Legal, Moral, Ethical & Practical Parameters of the Use of Deadly Force & Deadly Weapons by Private Citizens in Self Defense (Massad Ayoob- LFI)
-- 30 hour Defensive Handgun, Moving Target, Low Light Shooting (John Farnum)
-- Monadnock Persuader Instructor (Monadnock Lifetime Products)
-- 27 hour Model Mugging Basics Graduate (Powerful Choices)
-- 44 hours Firearms Instructor Course for Private Security/Private Detective (Phil Shave - Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission)
-- 44 hours Private Security Firearms Instructor, Defensive Pistol I/ II, Defensive Pistolcraft (Bill Burris - Delta International Inc.)
-- Kubotan Course (Grand Master Takayuki Kubota)
-- Home Firearm Safety Course Certified Instructor, Certified Instructor Personal Protection Course (Max Stone - NRA)
-- Knife/Counter Knife, HwaRangDo (Erik Remmen - Insights Training Center, Inc.)
-- American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (Certification, Continuing Education...)
-- Controlled FORCE Instructor/Dept. Instructor Certification (Tony Grano - Controlled FORCE)
-- Master Instructor Certification (USNSTA)
-- CERT- Community Emergency Response Team (Sno. Co. Fire Dist.1)
-- ICS- Incident Command Systems (FEMA)
-- NIMS- Nat. Incident Mgmt. System (FEMA)

Member of:
International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association
United States National Standards in Training Association
American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers
International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors
National Rifle Association
Second Amendment Foundation

U.S.N.S.T.A. Trainer
Law Enforcement Trainer
Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
NRA Law Enforcement Instructor
Judicious Use of Deadly Force Instructor
NRA Firearms Safety Instructor
NRA Personal Protection Instructor
Aerosol Restraint Instructors Instructor Trainer
Kubaton Instructor
Monadnock Persuader Instructor



Clay Bloomfield
Dir. of Operations
Associate Instructor

Currently working in Iraq as a PSD (Personal Security Detachment) Team Leader, Clay's background is diverse and extensive.   Having began his training in 1984 while serving in the U.S. Navy, he took his first Martial Arts instruction and never looked back. During tours with Navy and Marine Corps Units as a Combat Medic, his education in defensive tactics grew and developed, training in weapons, hand to hand, traditional martial arts, martial arts weapons, edged weapons, aerosol restraint, firearms, and various other disciplines of self protection.

Having studied and trained in the martial arts while overseas, allowed him to fully experience the "traditional manner" in which these arts are meant to be taught, and studied.

After his honorable discharge from active military service in 1990, he continued his education and training while attending Law Enforcement institutions, and public Colleges, pursuing a career in the Criminal Justice field. 

During this time he sought out additional education in the martial arts, studying under several well known martial arts instructors in Brazil, and Southern California.

In 1991 he relocated to the Pacific Northwest, and attained a post with a private security firm as the, Director of Operations. Providing a multitude of services that included, Personal and Executive Protection, Private Investigations, Contract Security and Law Enforcement Training, enabling him to use his education and experience to best serve the firms clients.

Since joining BFI in 1995, he continues to provide support as a Consultant, Protection Specialist, and Certified Trainer to several agencies and individuals Worldwide.

As the founder of "MoN-SoM Do", he continues to study some 30 additional martial arts and defensive arts systems. His education into these various arts goes beyond the learning of the motions, he is a dedicated advocate of the "old teachings", pairing ones use of the mind, and body with the arts.

~Here is a sampling of the training he has received to develop himself as a Professional Trainer and Protection Specialist:

-- General Military, Seamanship, Navigation/Orientation at Sea, Communications, Crew Serve Weapons Platforms, Manned Portable Air Defense Systems, Amphibious Warfare, Counter/Anti-Terrorism, Heliborne Fast Rope Insertion/Extraction, Vessel Board Search and Siezure, Tactical Rescue of Aircraft and Personnel, Guerilla/Urban Warfare Tactics, Special Weapons and Tactics, Land Nav. Survival Evasion Resistance & Escape, Hand to Hand, Explosives Detection, SOUT (Security Operations in Urban Terrain), and more.... (USN/USMC)
-- Hospital Corpsman FMF/FMS (Fleet Marine Force/Field Medical Service) (USN/USMC)
-- Emergency Medical Technician-I / EVOC (State of CA)
-- 20+ years Traditional Boxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi, African, Russian and French martial arts forms, Karate, Judo, Grappling/Wrestling (Rick Iverson), Aiki-Juijitsu (John White), BJJ/GRAPLE (Royce/Carlson/Ceasar Gracie)
-- Edged Weapons - Knife/Counter Knife, Escrima (Dan Inasanto)
-- Security Administration and Private Investigations, Law, Defensive Tactics (Roy Harris), Firearms, PR-24 Baton, Aerosol Restraint, Ca. Armed Guard Certification (Larry Kurtz PhD /
Century Business College, S.D. Ca.)
-- Criminal Justice (Grossmont Community College, S.D. Ca.)
-- Cadet, Police Officer (So. Ca. Law Enforcement Academy)
-- FAS I/II - Advanced Firearms Training/Certification (Marty Hayes - FAS)
-- Advanced Firearms, Aerosol Restraint, Handcuffing/Restraint Tools Procedures, Collapsible Baton, Protection Specialist Training (ASP)
-- BFI I/II - Advanced Firearms Training/Certification, Controlled FORCE, Collapsible Baton, Aerosol Restraint (Gale Burton - BFI)
-- Wa. Armed Investigator/Security Certification (BFI)
-- Law Enforcement Trainer Certification, Continuing Education (ASLET)
-- Close Personal Protection Certification (OMNI)
-- Advanced Executive Protection Certification (NAIS)
-- Controlled FORCE Departmental Instructor Certification (BFI/Tony Grano - Controlled FORCE)
-- Level 5 High Risk-(Tier 1) Protective Services Training, SOUT(PSDTT - UK)
-- Medicine In Remote Areas - Remote Trauma Medic (Ex-MED/Royal College of Surgeons - UK)
-- PSO/PSD Iraq Induction Program, SOUT (Erinys/USACE)
-- Radiotelephone Operator License (FCC)
-- Port Facility/Company/Vessel Security Officer (MPS/USCG/MARAD/TRANSEC - UK)
-- Certified Homeland Security Professional (SIGHLS)
-- Medical Person In Charge (RMI/USCG)
-- CPR/AED for the Health Care Provider (RMI/AHA)
-- Wilderness EMT (RMI)
-- Nationally Registered EMT (NREMT) (RMI/National Registry of EMT's)

Member of:
American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers
National Rifle Association
National Association of Investigative Specialists
International Bodyguard Network
National Association of EMT's

Law Enforcement Trainer
Defensive Tactics Instructor
Protection Specialist
Port Facility/Company/Vessel Security Officer (USCG)
Homeland Security Professional
Wilderness EMT
Medical Person In Charge (USCG)

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