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Self Defense
"Statistics show that 1 out of 3 people will become the victim of a crime".


First, the decision to not become a victim must be made. Once that has been established, the search then begins for the training to make that decision possible.

Here at Burton's Firearm Instruction, Inc. we make it possible for you to learn the skills necessary to take responsibility for your own life. BFI is proud to offer a wide range of self defense training subjects, and all courses are taught by Certified Law Enforcement Trainers.

Read what, past students have to say about our training, and decide for yourself.....                               Not, to be a victim today!

"Gale Burton, One of the Top Female Instructor's in the Nation".
                                                   Massad Ayoob
                                                  Lethal Force Institute

**The following classes are available to the general public. Click on the image to view the class descriptions.

(BFI-1 & 2) Self Defense, Firearms Firearms Classes, Basic and Advanced

  (DT-1)       Self Defense, Defensive Tactics Defensive Tactics, Hand-to-Hand

  (AR-1)       Self Defense, Aerosol Restraint Aerosol Restraint, Pepper Spray

These specialized courses also available:

  - Advanced Defensive Tactics
   - Weapons Retention
    - Shotgun
      - Edged Weapons
        - Monodnock Persuader
          - Kubaton

Certification Training:

   - Aerosol Restraint Instructor Certification
      - Certified Law Enforcement Training

Self Defense
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Self Defense
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