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Crystal radio

Crystal radio wiring
Build this Crystal Radio
A crystal radio is a radio that does not require a power source other than the energy contained in the signal being received. With a good antenna, like the random wire you can build by following the instructions on this web site, strong local stations will be very discernable during the day and at night even a few distant "skip" stations may be picked up.

Here's how to make the crystal radio:

First, you must gather the material. Here is a list of what you will need including a possible poor man's source: (If you can't locate a PME source, then try Radio Shack, E-Bay, or Mouser Electronics.)

The following pictorial diagram shows how to hook up the simple crystal radio. I provided connections for both a high impedance antenna such as the random wire or a low impedance antenna such as a coax fed dipole.

Crystal Radio Wiring Diagram

The step by step procedure follows:

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