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An old VCR, a source of parts
The purpose of this web site is to provide instructions for electronic projects that are not only easy to build but are geared to keep the expense to a minimum. Most of the parts may be obtained from discarded electronic equipment obtained at garage sales and junk yards. Old VCRs, TVs, radios, clocks, toys, cordless phones, computers, and microwave ovens are a good source of parts.

VCR parts
Parts obtained from the old VCR
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Literally hundreds of parts were obtained from the old VCR shown above. Dozens of resistors, capacitors, coils, transistors, switches, connectors, and hardware. A particularly nice find was a motor controller IC.

Tools of the trade

Don't go trudging off to the local hardware store or Radio Shack to purchase these tools. Most of the tools shown in the picture were bought at yard sales.

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