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Plastic Kits

Academy/Minicraft Airfix AMT Bandai Doyusha Monogram Nitto Revell Tamiya Testors Yamada

Academy/Minicraft 1/24 Capri RS 3100 (kit 1537)

This kit represents a 1974 Capri RS-3100 Group 2 race car. It is the better of the two RS 3100 models, but I can't say it's terribly good. The body is basically correct, (the "flying buttresses" by the rear window need some work, though.) but the rest is nearly worthless. The decals do not portray any RS-3100 that I recognize. It was intended as a large-scale slot-car, so chassis detail is non-existant. The legendary Cosworth GAA engine is not included. The interior is truly awful as well. These last three problems are a consequence of motorization. If you want an RS 3100, this is the one, but don't expect anything more than a body.
David R. Wells

Airfix/MPC 1/32 Capri

This is a nice little kit. It portrays an early (1969-1972) UK-spec Mk 1 1600L, so it has rectangular headlights, right-hand drive, and no hood bulge. It has a fully detailed chassis and engine. It even comes with four little chromed "Rostyle" wheels, which can be painted to look quite accurate. The trunk is a little off, but that's quite forgivable.

This kit was molded by Airfix, but it was also sold by MPC in the US. The scale is a bit odd, (most manufacturers had long since abandoned 1/32 scale cars in favor of the more popular 1/24 and 1/25 scales) but this kit is still one of the best. Sadly, I have heard that the mold was destroyed. I recommend this kit, if you can find one. It's my favorite Mk I kit.

Here's a picture on the kit's box.

David R. Wells

AMT 1/25 Capri II

This one is probably the best Capri model ever. It portrays a US-spec Mk II with a 2.8 V-6. It has the big plastic covered bumpers, marker lights, and blinkers that you'd expect on a "federal" Capri II. The engine and chassis are quite nice, and the interior is pretty good. The suspension is accurately portrayed.

It is not without fault though. The body proportions are a bit odd: Specifically, the "greenhouse" seems a bit too tall and the headlights are too small. The rear quarter windows are a bit too pointy. Fitting the inner fenders is a bit tricky. (just like the real thing!) The kit has two-piece tires, which are a bit of a problem, as I have yet to find a glue which can stick them together very well.

Otherwise, this is a very nice kit. I strongly recommend it.

AMT supposedly still has the mold. AMT's notoriously short-sighted previous management did not see fit to re-issue it. Unfortunately, I doubt that AMT will re-issue the kit now. AMT was taken over by Racing Champions a couple of years back. While they have a great interest in cars, they are concentrating on die-casts, and they seem to be driving the plastic model business into the ground.

Original AMT Capri II models are quite rare these days.
David R. Wells

There were numerous issues of this kit, in various guises:

Bandai 1/20 Capri

I have never seen this kit in person, so I'm judging by pictures.

It looks like an early UK-spec Mk I, with right hand drive and rectangular headlights. The kit features opening doors and hood. The detail under the hood looks pretty good. It's molded in a lovely shade of dark green. The kit is said to be motorized.

David R. Wells

Doyusha 1/24 Capri 2000 (kit NH-18)

Doyusha re-issued a bunch of old kits from the '70s in 1997 under their "Nostalgic Heroes" line, including what they describe as a 1/24 1973 2000. I was a bit disappointed, but not entierly surprised at what I found. It's yet ANOTHER electric slot car. Here's a picture of the car on the box.

First the good news: The body's not bad. It's not a '73 though. It's quite clearly a pre-facelift (i.e. '69-'72) UK-spec Mk I. The optional hood bulge is not present. It's also got the UK-style rectangular "Boreham" headlights. It doesn't have the front blinkers and marker lights that one would expect on a US-spec Capri. The rocker panels and rear end don't curve under like they're supposed to, but that's forgivable on a slot car like this. Otherwise, it's pretty good. The slight point on the nose is a little too blunt, and the FORD lettering on the hood & trunk isn't too well done, but the overall shape is right.

Now the bad news: The rest is atrocious. The interior is laughable. Chassis detail is actually worse than that on the Nitto/Entex kit. (read "non-existant") The tires seem too small. With some work, the "Rostyle" wheels might be OK. This kit's hood does not open, and it does not even try to represent the engine. I guess that means that you can imagine it to have any engine you'd like.

The bottom line is that if you buy this kit, you should expect to scratchbuild everything except the body and maybe the wheels.

I believe that this is the only Capri model to have been produced in recent years. Grab 'em while you can!
David R. Wells

Monogram 1/24 Capri II

This kit is not as good as the AMT, but it is much easier to find. Like the AMT kits, it portrays a US-spec Mk II with a 2.8 V-6. It has the big plastic-covered bumpers, marker lights, and blinkers that you'd expect on a "federal" Capri II.

My first problem with it is that it is a "curbside" model, that is, there is no engine included, and the hood does not open. Chassis detail is minimal. (to be polite about it) The body is fairly good, although the rear window is too narrow. (fortunately, it's not that hard to widen it).

The interior is fairly nice. I thought that the dashboard looked particularly good. The seats need some work though. They look a bit like those on a "base" Capri II, but I've never seen these seats on a Capri in the real world. They are incorrect if you're trying to replicate a 2.8S or a Ghia.

In both cases, the wheels are too big: roughly 15 inches instead of the 13 inches common on most real Capris in that era. Tires are too low-profile: Monogram includes a set of 225/50 - 15 Pirelli P-7s, instead of the 185/70 - 13s that were typical on real Capris, or the 205/60 -13s that could sometimes be fitted. The overall wheel/tire combination is probably too small in diameter, and looks out of scale.

There are at least three versions of this kit:

Monogram seems to have made quite a few of these kits, so you can still find one occasionally. This kit is not in production. Monogram regularly re-issues old kits, so a re-issue is possible. (though not terribly likely)
David R. Wells

Nitto/Entex/Blue Tank 1/28 Capri RS 3100

This is the worse of the two RS 3100 models. The kit was originally produced by Nitto, but was later repackaged and sold by Entex. It also has apparently been issued with the brand name "Blue Tank". The scale measures out to 1/28, and Nitto advertises it as such, but Entex claims it's 1/25. Beware!! The chassis and interior are almost exactly the same as the Academy/Minicraft, (i.e. electric slot-car, no detail) just slightly smaller. The body is not worth much either, with major errors in the fender flares. I've never seen an RS-3100 with spats, and certainly not the huge ones that this kit has molded into the body. The legendary Cosworth GAA engine is not included. The decals represent a factory racer from 1974, but the shade of blue is too light. Avoid this one if you can.
David R. Wells

Revell 1/25 Turbo Capri

The Turbo Capri by Revell is in my opinion the best plastic kit out for the Fox Body Capri. It is unfortunate that there were no models made of the Capri made after the switch to the bubble hatch. This kit has pretty good detail, and was fairly easy to build if; you did it by the book. I am a big fan of the front air dam of the late 80's Capri RS as well as the spoilers of the early 80's. So what I did was make them out of a thin plastic sheet and some modeling putty. The paint job that it got was made after an 84 RS that I once saw at a car show. All and all this kit was a lot of fun to build, and if you are able to locate one I recommend that you pick it up.
Matt Links

Tamiya 1/24 Ford Zakspeed Capri Turbo (kit SS2414)

This kit represents the first Zakspeed Capri race car (chassis ZAK C 00178), as driven by Hans Heyer in 1978 and 1979.

First the good news: The body is GORGEOUS!!! Absolutely glorious. Every reference photo I've found suggests that Tamiya got the body exactly right. The wheels and tires are nice too, and the kit comes with accurate decals.

Now the not-so-good news: it's another slot-car chassis. Now, Tamiya did a MUCH better job than Academy/Minicraft or Nitto, and the interior is pretty good, although the entire forward part of the roll cage is also missing. It's a "curbside" models, so the hood does not open, the kit has no engine, and most of the suspension detail is missing. Essentially, everything under the hood is missing. Tamiya (like Nitto and Academy) used the space under the hood for the toy steering mechanism.

Fortunately, many of the missing parts can be stolen from Monogram's recently re-issued IMSA Mustang, which as all good Capri fans know, is just a Zakspeed Capri with a different body. The only trouble with this plan is that the Monogram has the later, twin turbo Zakspeed/Cosworth engine, whereas the Tamiya body represents the earliest Zakspeed Capri, which should only have a single turbo.
David R. Wells

Testors 1/24 Turbo Capri (kit 924)

I have never seen this kit in person, so I'm judging by pictures.

It's said to be a kit of a North American "Fox" chassis Capri, circa 1980, with a turbocharged 2.3 liter Lima engine. It's a snap-together kit, so I don't know if includes such things as an engine.

While Testors is noted for re-issuing kits produced by other manufacturers, I suspect that this kit is not the same as the Revell Turbo Capri kit, since there is a slight scale difference, and the Revell kit is a standard glue-together kit.

David R. Wells

Yamada 1/21 Capri GTXLR

I have never seen this kit in person, so I'm judging by pictures.

It looks like another motorized slot car kit of a UK spec Mk I.

David R. Wells


The three in the back row are MK III made by Quartzo. The two silver Capris are Maerkilin MK I. The red one in the middle is a special series MK 1 2600i RS.

Bburago Corgi Dinky Maerklin Matchbox Mini-Champs Quartzo


1981 Mercury Capri RS

This 1/25 scale die cast car has good detailing for the time when it was produced. It has the four-cylinder turbo charged engine and the Turbo RS decals that goes along with it. The car has opening hood, hatchback, and doors, front seats that fold down, and even has steerable front wheels. This car is very hard to come across and a great addition to any collectors Capri collection.
Matt Links


Quartzo makes a 1/43 die-cast model of the German Zakspeed Capri Group 5 race cars with six different sets of markings: Quartzo no longer makes the models however the Zakspeed is available for about 35-40$ US at:
Pauls Model Art GmbH
Postfach 485
phone: +49-241-06231
Fax: +49-241-407007

T. Harsch


Maerklin is reported to have 1/43 Scale Ford Capri MK I. I don't know much about this one, but there's a picture at the top of the section.
David R. Wells

Dinky Toys



The only Corgi in my fleet of Capris is a Corgi Junior whizzwheels. It is red with a white bonnet (since it is an English Ford) with a white interior. It also sports a little light on top of the roof (a police car I suppose). It also has a little trailer hitch on the back. A photo is being worked on.
Bev Connell

Mini Champs

This model is a 1969 GT 2600 and is still available in North America. The other model (not shown is a 1970 RS edition. It is yellow with a black bonnet and interior

Bev Connell

If you have a model not listed, please contact CCC. I would be happly to add yours to the list

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