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This page provides answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Capris.

Q: This page seems to focus on European Capris. Are "Fox" chassis Capris from the 1980s or Australian Capris from the 1990s welcome?
A: All Capris from all eras are welcome, as are other small Fords. The reason the web pages focuses on European Capris is that your webmasters all own European Mk I Capris, and we write about the cars we know best. If you have more information on "Fox" chassis Capris or Australian Capris that you think should be included, we'll be happy to add it. The same applies to Lincoln Capris from the 1950s, Consul Capris from 1962-1964, or Comet Capris from 1966-1967.

Q: Do I have to live in the Chicago area?
A: No. We accept members from across the USA, Canada, and around the world.

Q: How Much is my Capri Worth?
A: Exactly as much as somebody is willing to pay for it. That sounds kind of flip, but it's true. The market for Capris is small, but sometimes people will pay a premium for the right car. The real trick is finding the right buyer. Certain rare or special models will fetch a bit more money.

Condition counts! A rust-bucket will not sell for much money.

We've seen perfectly good European Capris go for $2500 or less. We've seen an absolutely perfect 1971 2000 sell for $10,000.

Q: What happened to the Marketplace section?
A: We lost access to our free server. If we can find another similar free server, we will consider reactivating it, however we would like to have any new web-based Marketplace give club members first shot at the Capris for sale.

Q: I want to sell my Capri. What should I do?
A: Contact us. We will put it in our monthly paper newsletter.

Q: I want to buy a Capri. What should I do?
A: Join the club. Our monthly paper newsletter always has several Capris for sale. Ford Motor Company

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