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Hello, and welcome to the Star Trek Educator, the purpose of this site is to educate people about the wonderful world of Star Trek, most people laugh and scoff at Star Trek fans, the reason that they do is because of pure ignorance, they don't like Star Trek because they know nothing about it, Star Trek is not just a show full of aliens and spaceships fighting each other, its about much more than that.

Star Trek is the best example of Science-Fiction that there is, it's full of morals, advanced technology, different species of life, wonderful graphic effects, and thrilling adventures to plunge into the very soul of its viewers and draw them into the story. Star Trek takes today's problems and fears, and tries to show how they could be fixed, it has dealed with racism, overpopulation, prejudice to men and women, and even religious persecution. It has great acting and special effects, as well as having the ability to make people really think about their lives and future.

But beyond all of this, there is one thing that makes Star Trek unique, it shows that humanity has a future, a future not full of wars and oppression, but a future where world peace is real, where everybody is equal regardless of wealth, race, or color of skin, it shows that humanity will become like this, and continue to better itself through knowledge and peace, this is what Star Trek is, it is a picture of a goal that humanity is striving for, it is a picture of a wish come true.

If you are a new comer to Star Trek, or if you are an old friend to it, I again welcome you, and ask that you please enjoy yourself and that you treat Star Trek with the respect it deserves, and if you know of someone else who doesn't know the joys of Star Trek, please, I beg you, please direct them here.

Click on the links below to expand your Star Trek knowledge, and welcome to the World of Star Trek!

Live Long and Prosper.

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