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Lazer Tag Team Ops Deluxe Taggers
Range: 200 feet
Reload: Manual
Notes: You can use a Heads Up Display (HUD) with these taggers that gives you gameplay feedback.  Also includes a mega-tag which increase the number of tags you can launch.


Lazer Tag Team Ops IRT-2X aka Drone
Range: 200 feet
Reload: Automatic
Notes: Ammunition reloads automatically saving you precious game time.  This lightweight tagger is perfect in close combat.  Perfect for the young players.


Lazer Tag Team Ops Tag Master Blaster aka TMB
Range: 500 feet
Reload: Automatic
Notes: The 'Big Daddy' of the Lazer Tag equipment.   This tagger features a missile that will launch multiple tags in a 20 foot radius upon impact.  Perfect in the situation where your opponents are clustered together.  Also includes single, burst, or automatic fire mode.

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