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Mobile Lazer Tag Code of Conduct
All players must learn the following rules for lazer tag

        1. Lazer-Tag is a non-contact sport.
        2. Respect each others personal space.  Maintain no less than an arm lengths distance from other players.
        3. No covering the receiver dome - this is cheating.  Cheating is bad. Very bad.
        4. Always obey authority.  If a police officer, security guard, park ranger, etc approaches you, imediately lay down your tagger and follow their instructions.
        5. Equipment failure means disqualification.  If your tagger malfunctions, you will need to step outside of the playing area and wait to join the next game.
        6. Do not tease bystanders.  They only want to watch.  No need to bother them.
        7. Lazer Tag is a team sport (sometimes). When playing team games, to win, you will need to consider the success of the team first.