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This is primarily a place to put things related to my hobby interests: Ham Radio and Space Exploration.

Ham Radio

  I've been a ham operator for over 30 years now.  These days my interests tend toward contesting and QRP (low power operating; 5 watts or less).  I especially enjoy building my own low power radios.  A great source of information for home brewers is found at the QRP List Archive.

   My own small contribution to QRP design took the form of modifying a minimalist design to put it on the 20 meter band.  The Pixie 20m QRP transceiver schematics  were originally published in the Spring 1998 issue of QRPp, the journal of NorCal, the Northern California QRP club.  I've also come up with some additional information on getting the 20m Pixie up and running since the article was published.  The original Pixie for 80m was designed by WA6BOY, and then improved by G3LHJ.

  I've added some pictures of my copy of the 20m Pixie in a Velamints tin.  Pretty nifty little spy radio, if I may say so myself!

Field Day 2001 by the Soper Hill ARC; report and pictures here.

Space Exploration
Astronomy Picture of the Day

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