Captain Midnight and the Secret Squadron

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Welcome Secret Squadron Members!

My name is David Walker and I am the writer of the new Captain Midnight adventure series to be published by Wild Cat Books and due out later in 2007.
These are the first Captain Midnight stories in print in over 50 years! It was very exciting to revitalize a character who has been around since 1938! 
The first two Captain Midnight stories will share an anthology book called Double Danger Tales #2. Wild Cat Books took over the publishing duties from Adamant Entertainment due to production difficulties.
Double Danger Tales #2 will be a little bit different as there will be two stories about each character in the book. Captain Midnight will share the credits with The Griffon, masterfully written by Wayne Skiver.
Although Captain Midnight was never in a pulp, He did see action in several Big Little Books, a movie serial, a television show, a radio show and a run in the comic books. Stay tuned to this website for the upcoming Captain Midnight Museum page. Still in the works.
If you are not familiar with Captain Midnight or the Pulps please take a few minutes and stroll through my website. I do try to update the website every month. Look for "Press Releases" on the main menu bar and the first "Press Release" will be the newest update.
Thank you for visiting,
Your Captain

Please get in touch with me if you have any comments or reactions to my site.