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Stop eating Takeout and Frozen Dinners.

Anyone with a small amount of talent can throw together a meal. Ok, so it's not gourmet cooking but it is good simple home style cooking, quick easy, and delicious. During my bachelor days I made good use of these cooking skills. Eventually I devised a style of cooking I call Bachelor Cooking. It's basic idea is that any recipe should:
   ·Use six or fewer common ingredients. If some of those come in jars or cans, that's even better.
   ·Use only one pan for ease of serving and clean up.
   ·Should only take 20 minutes or less from start to eating.
Since then my skills have improved and I have loosened these rules. But my cooking style remains pretty much the same. I began to realize that in this hurry up work a day world there is a demand for this style of cooking. So what I've done here is to share my secrets. I'll share some cooking basics and include some charts and construction kits that you can use to develop your own recipes. I also have a selection of some of my favorite recipies.

Outfitting your kitchen
Forget the gadgets, you only need a few basic pots, pans and utensils to make a workable kitchen. Here's how.

Pasta Salad construction kit
Got Pasta? Well, add a few more ingredients and some dressing and make Pasta Salad. This fully automated form makes it simple.

Vegie Burger construction kit
It's easy to make healthy Vegi burgers. Choose one item from each catagory, mix and bake.

Favorite Recipes
I'm not trying to create the largest collection of recipes on the internet. That would defeat the purpose of this site. The recipes here are examples of how I like to cook.

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