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Live well and keep more of your money

Frugal living is not about living poorly. It is about living well with the money you have. It means getting the best value for every dollar you spend. It means spending money on what's important and not wasting money on what isn't. It makes no difference whether you have a little money or a lot.

The Basics
First things first. You have to get your budget and spending habits under control before you can do anything else.
Budgeting Woes under Control
Low Overhead by Gary Forman.
Budget Worksheet Download this spreadsheet to get started.
How Much should you budget ? by Gary Forman

Housing and Shelter
Your house or apartment is your biggest single budget item. It makes sense that any savings here will have the biggest impact. It will also require the most creativity.
Why buy a Duplex
Why I bought a Duplex
A Trailer for a Home, by Annie
How Much House, by Gary Forman.
Mortgages, Taxes and a Bigger Home, by Gary Forman.

Technology can be a big money sinkhole or you can use it creativly to reduce your cost of living and increase your Quality of Life.
NEW How to watch TV over the Internet Unplug your Cable TV but not your entertainment.
NEW Build a DTV antenna. Frugal, easy to construct, great performance.
NEW Set your iPod free! Use it without iTunes.

Your Car
Your car is the second largest expense. Yet is also provides the biggest opportunity for frugality.
Your car Buying options (Coming Soon)
A Lifetime plan to keep you in cars(Coming Soon)

Frugal Cooking
Who Needs Hamburger Helper(Coming Soon)

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