Legal Notices

* Particularly for FBI and all sue-happy people *

    The contents of this site may be used for your use as along as it is not used for bad reasons.  I, John Nozum, assume NO LIABILITY for any errors or any consequences resulting from the use of the content on this site.  As for the music and files available on this site, they are MY COMPOSITIONS and PERSONALLY CREATED FILES, except for a few classical songs.  If you are looking for someone to sue the living daylights out of, TRY SUING YOURSELF!

* Kind note regarding factual and equation errors *

    If you happen to notice a factual or equation/mathematical error, please email me regarding the problem.  Also, it would be kind if you also mention what area (i.e. Sound Related Equations) the problem is located.  May an AUTOMATIC BLESSING FROM GOD be given to those who kindly report such problems to me.  The same holds true for broken links.

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