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Akai Papillons and Phalenes - Marion Ford



Photo Album

Below are some pictures of dogs I have bred and placed.  Papillons generally fit into any lifestyle whether it is active, competition or just being a lap dog.

The Internet makes it easy to share photos with your friends. Replace these images with your own. You can change the image by selecting it and clicking Insert Image  in the toolbar. Once you are in the image properties you can change the image into a thumbnail by clicking the Thumbnail tab (in image properties) and changing the width to 140 just like the samples below.

To add or take away rows in the table below, put your cursor inside the table, click Table Properties in the toolbar and adjust the number of rows or columns. To take away the border in the table, place a "0" in the properties Border field.

Ch. Akai's Hear Me Roar

Now owned by Dawn B.  What a great photographer



Owned by Deb in California

Jenn, Foxy and Kyoti 

  Kyoti and Foxy are now working on Obedience

Akai's Music of the Night

Musette is now a beauty queen with Sandee O. in California


Akai's Phantom of the Night

Owned and loved by Ernie and Margo P. - Pasco WA


Lola enjoying a boat ride


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