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My serious study of art began with university work in 1953 and included drawing, painting, printmaking and design.  In 1963 the university awarded to me a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting and print making.  During those ten years my academic advisor allowed me to pursue studies of a fairly wide variety of subjects including mathematics, chemistry, physics, English, biology and others.  While at the university I taught studio art to undergraduates and printmaking to graduate students.  Later I taught art and other subjects in the public schools. For the next two decades I continued to draw, paint and make prints.  Starting in 1992 I devoted more time to both making and marketing art.  Most of the out buildings on our Southern Illinois farm have been converted to studio and workshop spaces.  All members of our family maintain a busy involvement in creative activities.  I hang several shows each year, jury some exhibitions, support the arts in general and encourage the children’s, grandchildren’s and other family members’ art in particular, promote our art and market my work.        

                                                                                                                                          Lee Spalt

Photo by H. McMeen.