The Master Storytellers

Commercial Portal
After climbing up several bloit's worth of stairs, you come across a landing and an entrace to a room. Inside the room are some free-standing portals. Each portal glows with Magick, but lets you see through them to a distant world.
A brass plaque is attached to the doorway. Small squares of blue paper have been affixed to the mahogany frame of each glowing portal.

"Beyond these portals lie the strange and wondrous world known as Activision's Zork sites and other realms of Interactive Fiction companies."

Squinting against the glow of the portals, you are able to barely read what is written on each paper. A kind passerby has figured out which portal goes where:

Activision is the new landlord for Infocom's worlds.

They have expanded the land of Quendor with Zork: Grand Inquisitor.

The library inside the Hotel New Zork of Zork: Grand Inquisitor contains information on some of the Infocom games and downloads for some of the games.

Around the same time as the Masterpieces of Infocom was released, Activision grouped 22 of the games together into the Infocom Collections. While not on the list of current items for sale, they make for interesting reading.

Activision's Zork-related links page.


Skotos Tech is an online storytelling community, which has multiplayer text-dominant interactive fiction games.


SycamoraTree is a new international publisher, developer and distributor of interactive fiction in the adventure genre.

A quick look around shows that you can go Down the stairs to the Round Room, or further Up the stairs.

>Wish for Freedom (return to the Foyer)

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