The Master Storytellers

Fresco Room:
Along the north and east walls are large frescoes, starting in the northwest and proceeding to the right. The first painting is a group portrait. The rest of the paintings depict the migration of the Implementors after the closure of the Castle of CambridgePark Drive.

The group portrait of the Implementors recounts their exploits at Infocom, and appears to have been copied from the Unofficial Infocom Home Page's author's list.


Bob Bates:

  • President of Challenge, Inc.
  • Studio Head, Game Designer/Producer at Legend Entertainment.
  • Michael Berlyn:

  • Co-founded Boffo Games with Steve Meretzky.
  • Co-founded Eidetic with Marc Blank. (This website forwarded you into 989 Studio's website, which has now become 989 Sports.)
  • Employee at Mpath Interactive. (This website forwarded you into the main HearMe website, but that closed on July 30, 2001.)
  • Founded Cascade Mountain Publishing.
  • Marc Blank:

  • Co-founded Eidetic with Michael Berlyn.
  • Employee at Mpath Interactive.
  • Mike Dornbrook, inspiration for the dornbeast:

  • Founded Boffo Games along with Steve Meretzky
  • EVP and COO at HarmonixMusic.
  • Stu Galley:

  • Did some consulting for Legend Entertainment on Spycraft: The Great Game, which Activision released.
  • He's currently at the MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science.
  • Dave Lebling:

  • Employee at Avid.
  • Steve Meretzky:

  • Freelanced for Activision and Electronic Arts.
  • Designed some games for Legend Entertainment, most notably the Spellcasting series and The Superhero League of Hoboken.
  • Founded Boffo Games along with Mike Dornbrook and was Vice President of Creation.
  • Game design at GameFX (now part of THQ Inc.).
  • Currently, the Creative/Content Director at
  • Brian "Professor" Moriarty:

  • Employee at Lucasfilm Games, where he created Loom.
  • Senior Game Designer, Rocket Science.
  • Co-Founder and Creative Director at Mpath Interactive.
  • Director of Game Development at Skotos Tech.
  • Douglas Adams:

  • Wrapped up the fifth book in the Hitchhiker's Guide trilogy.
  • Started The Earth Edition of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which is the "entertaining and unconventional guide to Life, the Universe and Everything, and it's a guide that's written by visitors to the website - people like you."
  • (TDV logo:  ://  )Founded The Digital Village, which is now known as h2g2 Ltd.
  • Published the Starship Titanic adventure game.
  • Started his own website,, which had details on his books, merchandise, and a Java-based version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game he wrote with Infocom.
  • Douglas passed away on May 11, 2001. Some of the tributes can be read on the H2G2 website, the Douglas Adams website, the Music, Art and Conversation are all that Make life Endurable website, and the User Friendly website.
  • Note: the tributes on the Douglas Adams website are listed in reverse order, with the newest message shown first. This link will take you very close to May 11, 2001 where the tributes start. (This link was added on March 9, 2002, so you may have to select "Previous 100" a couple of times at the bottom of the page, depending on how many messages have been added since March 9th.)

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