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Hi, and welcome to my Amateur Radio / Electronics projects page. Since becoming licensed, Ham radio has become an excellent outlet for my desire to build and design electronics projects. As a member of the Steubenville / Weirton Amateur Radio Club (SWARC) I have the opportunity and privilege to be among many knowledgeable and helpful Amateur Radio operators. A special thank you goes out to Joe, W8DYF and Jack, W8ZRI (down in the 'sunny south') for the info and parts to fuel many of these projects. If at any given time no projects are under construction, there are always one or more in the planning stages :-)

This page is posted in the hope of providing interest and information to any one else, amateur or non-amateur, who may have a similar desire to tinker with electronics.

My latest project, The W7ZOI / K7TAU Spectrum Analyzer featured in Aug/Sept 98 QST is presently posted HERE. (just click on the 'box collection' :-)

Newly added Oct 2003: A modified version of the ARRL 2000 Hanbook 'Marker Generator' with narrow pulse (13 nSec) added, and some SA screen shots of its performance.

Another recent project, the * IK3OIL microcontroller based CW Decoder is shown here * .

Here is a project that was a quite lengthy endeavor, requiring section by section construction, modification, and alignment that was well worth the effort; The 2N2222 40 meter transceiver by K8IQY and his team, as presented by NORCAL.

More will soon follow as I document / find the pictures somewhere within the CD's accumulated, and hard drives on my system (almost as hard as finding something buried under a 'black banana' at Jack's...hi).

Here is a link to an older design of mine, which has been posted for quite some time; The MIDI Kick Pedal project

(you may begin to notice as other projects appear on this site, that I am partial to Microchip 'PIC microcontrollers...although even an occasional tube circuit is not out of the question).

Enjoy / learn

Mike Whitco, mailto: KC8OAN@arrl.net