Where the Mind Goes the Man Follows

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We have a house full of thoughts.


“What kind of thinking do you have? If you think people won’t like you they never will.

If you think you will always be poor, you will.

If you think that you will fail and are so afraid of stepping out because you are afraid of failing. Then you will always be a failure because you will have never even tried to be a success.

If you are afraid you can’t hear from God; you will never believe God is speaking to you.

And you will wonder why he speaks to everybody else but he never speaks to you. When he tries to speak to you just as loud and clear as he speaks to them, but you don’t believe that He will speak to you.

We make our own torment, simply because we don’t believe the word of God. He says “my sheep hear my voice. They know my voice and a voice of a stranger they will not follow.” I say “I hear from God and I am led by the Holy Ghost.”

If you line your mouth up with the word of God your thoughts will come in line... you get your thoughts in line and your mouth will come in line. If you can’t believe it then say it till you believe it and it will come out of your mouth automatically. Sometimes you have to make a list and start saying it on purpose.

It is kind of like programming a computer. I have some new stuff on my computer that I haven’t learned how to use yet. So I have to have the instructions and read them one thing at a time; I really have to try and do this. Well, after a while it will be common place; I will have it all in there and there will be a flow see.

If you have a really negative vein in your life, you have to work it to turn it around. It is like reprogramming your computer. Once you have the reprogramming done, then it will be just an automatic flow in your life. You will no longer be negative you will be positive. Amen.

So let us just say I go around all the time and think:

I will never have any money; I am just going to poor all my life.

I am stupid; I was a slow learner.

I am fat and overweight and my metabolism doesn’t work, and I will probably never look like anything.

Nobody likes me, they just don’t like me, and they don’t care anything about me.

I will probably never get married; I will probably be lonely all of my life.

I will probably never have any money; I have never had a decent job.

I see those cars other people drive; but I tell ya I will probably never get to drive a nice car like that or live in a nice house.

Momma didn’t have anything, grandma didn’t have anything, and I probably have nothing either.

(As she was talking she was placing blocks on a table. Two rows of 9 blocks as a base and steadily getting higher. Joyce Meyer brings out a Barbie doll and places it among the blocks to illustrate you living with your thoughts.)


So look here we are now living in our house made of thoughts. The only problem is we are living in there with the Devil, who gave us these thoughts to start with. (a Darth Vader Doll that makes noise)

It is about the way it goes huh? Come on let’s give God some praise.

How many people understand what I did here? We built our own house; now we are back here trapped in it with the Devil, who gave us these stupid thoughts to start with, and now he torments us all the time.

You know what you have to do? You have to tear this house down, and start all over. And say ‘I’m going to build me another house’ Amen.

Every negative thought, every bad thought, every thought you think that doesn’t agree with the word of God, it is like adding another brick to the wall you are going to live behind. What kind of house do you want to live in?

You are living in a house right now that is made up of your own thoughts. Maybe someone in the past taught you think lousy. Maybe you had a bad image while you were growing up.

I grew up in a rather negative environment where I was kind of taught not to expect something good to happen, because it wasn’t going to. And that was very bad for me, because by the time I was a young adult I was so negative. I always in teasingly say, but it was the truth, that if I thought of two positive thoughts to say my brain got into a cramp.   

It was like I couldn’t think positively. When I got married, we weren’t married very long when he looked at me and said ‘why are you so negative about everything?’

I said ‘well, if you don’t expect anything good to happen to you, you won’t be disappointed when it don’t.’ And that was my attitude; and I had a stinking lousy life. Where did it get started? Did I start thinking wrong because my life was bad or was my life bad because someone taught me to think wrong? I don’t know but Satin wants to get this thing started in our life. He wants to get us on this treadmill and get us in this thing so deep we can never get out.

The Bible says in Romans 12:2 that God has this awesome plan for our lives. We will never experience that plan unless our minds are completely renewed by the word of God.

God has a good plan for every single one of you. But there are some who think ‘I will never get over my past.’

That may work for all of you, but I didn’t have parents who loved me, and it is never going to work for me. That is not true because the Bible says Psalm 27:10 ‘even though my mother and my father have forsaken me, the Lord will take me up and adapt me as his own child.’

So what are you going to do with that? See that was a healing scripture for me. Jesus said ‘my words they are spirit and they are life.” These are not ordinary words I am speaking out of my mouth. These words have power in them, healing power in them. They have the life of God in them. The words I am speaking to you have the Spirit of God in them.


You might say it ‘well it’s not fair, I have been through all these things, and I have been mistreated, it wasn’t justice, and I don’t understand. God is just going to have to show me, because I don’t understand. I am just going to be confused all my life.’ Well try Isaiah 61:7 ‘for your former shame I will give you a two fold recompense, and reward.’ You know what that means? Double for your trouble; God will give you double blessing for your former trouble if you do things his way.”


There are a lot of things we can choose to be negative about and you can also choose to be positive. One of the most dangerous things to be negative about is yourself. You know God has a good plan for your life and He loves you, He has a lot of hope for you. You have to have a good positive attitude toward yourself. That means that you can’t take too much time starring at everything that is wrong with you. It is such a temptation to do that.

If we trust God, little by little, from Glory to Glory He is going to change us. In the mean time we can enjoy the journey. I am encouraging you to have a real positive outlook about everything including yourself. Jesus died to give you an awesome life. I want you to enjoy everything that He died to give you.


Teaching series: Where the Mind Goes the Man Follows



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