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The following page is dedicated to my

UNIMAT-3 w/ Powerfeed and Vertical Mill/Drill Accessory


The VERY Rare EMCO Maier Beechwood

Display/Storage Cabinet

PLUS Jigsaw, Table Saw, and Many other accessories!

This page was converted from my eBay ad where I sold the setup you see below. If you see some grammar or contextual errors, they are probably due to my missing them in the converstion. And, DON'T PANIC. I have an IDENTICAL setup in my home shop too!

Featured below is a very complete UNiMAT-3 Kit which has as at the heart, a very clean and tight III with Vertical Milling Attachment and Powerfeed.

BUT, best of all, it lives in the VERY RARE Emco Maier UNiMAT-3 display/storage cabinet.

If you've never seen one of these, they were custom made to hold the UNiMAT-3 and EVERY accessory available.

Some of the principal accessories in the kit includes:

  • Standard UNiMAT-3 accessories including
    • Drive Plate
    • Lathe dogs
    • 2-dead centers
    • service tools
    • manual
    • etc.
  • 3 Jaw Chuck
  • Drill Chuck
  • Live Center
  • Machine Vise
  • Milling Table
  • Tool Grinding Accessory with grinding wheel and arbor
  • JIG SAW with assorted blades (this item is almost as hard as the cabinet to find!)
  • Table Saw with arbor and 2 blades
  • Table Saw Rip Fence
  • Table Saw Miter Gauge.
  • Table Saw Combing Attachment for making box joints, includes
  • Wobble dado arbor also good for general dado cutting.
  • Molding Attachment w/ 1 cutter
  • Set of 6 lathe cutting tools.

The complete list with all the Emco Maier Part Number is detailed at the end of the listing.

The STAR of this fine kit is the Beech wood Display/Storage Cabinet specially made for the Emco Maier UNiMAT-3 system. The cabinet can hold every accessory that was available for the UNiMAT-3, in a series of holders custom fit for each item. The adjacent photos shows the cabinet with the doors open.

There is room inside for the thead cutting system, all the collets and holders and even the quick-change tool holder and MORE. The drawer will hold the flexible shaft, any spare parts and blades, etc.

This particular cabinet is one of only two I've ever seen and which I sold on the eBay Internet Auction.

The other is my personal UNiMAT 3 storage case and which looks identical to this cabinet.

This cabinet thought to have belonged to the Marketing department of Emco Maier USA and was use to display the UNiMAT-3 system at trade shows. It may in fact be THE cabinet used for the photos in the UNiMAT 3 brochure.

It had some travel damage, which I for the most part repaired. There were coffee cup stains and several scratches.

There was NO structural damage although there are three minor places the the veneer has been sanded through during repair attempts. The most serious is the dark spot next to the lock on the opposite door on the front. The other two places which were sanded through are on the top of the cabinet, where various stains required sanding.

There is one key and a lock the keep the curious out. Closed the cabinet is attractive and keeps the UNiMAT safe and sound.

I refinished it with three fresh coats of lacquer finish and made again what I consider to be more than "shop worthy'. Heck, it's as good as some furniture in homes with kids and certain adults, but it's not the MINT condition that so many of my eBay items have been.

It's a very RARE and VERY hard to find item. It should be a welcome addition to most UNiMAT aficionado's collection!

Sorry for the poor picture. The shiny surface is a bear to photograph.


I feel very fortunate to have actually owned two of these fine cabinets.

The HEART of his very nice UNIMAT-3 kit is an Austrian made UNiMAT-3 lathe in excellent condition. It comes complete with: Vertical Milling/Drilling Accessory, and the Power Feed unit.


The first picture features the lathe overall with the Vertical Milliing Head mounted on its column.

To use the mill, the motor will be moved from the lathe to the Mill Had. Alternativly, an owner can buy two motors. Since the change-over takes less than a minute. Buying a second motor is very much a luxury.

The second picture features a close up of the headstock, bed, and tailstock.

Ý The JIG SAW is another "hard-to-find" UNiMAT item and is certainly the "costar" of this kit. It comes with the escentric hub, Jig Saw Assembly and an assortment of blades.

The TABLE SAW is more than just a table saw. It is truly system-within-a-system.


This is a picture of the table saw mounted on the UNiMAT-3 with the Rip Fence and the Miter Gauge. It comes with two saw blades (one for wood and one for metal) and of course the saw-blade arbor.

The saw table can also be mounted directly on the cross-slide in order to be used as a platform with the optionally available sanding disk. (not included this auction).

This is the Table Saw Combing Attachment. It is also known in woodworking circles at a "box joint" fixture. The wobble dado head which is included also can be used as a general purpose dado arbor, for cutting dados and rabbets. Ý
The Molding Head attachment is not very common. It can be used to make moldings or as an alternative way to cut rabbets.

Last, here are some of the main accessories, including the Milling Table, Tool Grinder, 3-Jaw, Drill Chuck, and FLY CUTTER!, which also come with the kit.

The full list with part numbers is below.


The last picture at the end of the listing is the Tool Grinder mounted on the UNiMAT.

Below is a complete list of the items included in this auction. Any additional items seen in the photos are there for display purposes only. ONLY the items listed below are represented to be included.

Item Number Description Emco Part Number


UNiMAT Base Machine with std drive plate, lathe dog, 2 dead centers, tool holder, service tools, and manual



3-Jaw Universal Chuck



3-Jaw Drill Chuck



Live Center



Power Feed Gear



Top Slide, for taper turning



Tool Grinding Attachment, complete with Arbor and grinding wheel



6 piece assorted lathe cutting tools



Vertical Milling and Drilling Attachment



Machine Vise



Milling Table with clamps



Cutter Arbor (for vertical milling attachment and table saw)



Fly Cutter, with one cutting tool and hex wrench



Circular Saw Blade, 60 mm for metal



Circular Saw (Table Saw) with guard but without blade or arbor (listed separately)



Miter Gauge for Circular Saw



Combing Attachment, for use on Table Saw, with Dado Arbor



Molding Attachment w/ one cutter and hold-down



Jig and Fret Saw Attachment (with several blades)



Circular Saw Blade, 80 mm for wood



UNiMAT 3 Tool Storage Cabinet




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