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The following links are to pictures of some of my Unimats and Accessories:

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UNiMAT SL-1000 w/type U90 Motor

 Front     Milling Setup  
 Side     Close up of Headstock in Milling Position  
 In open box      


UNiMAT Powerfeed Accessories

Specific to the UNiMAT SL or DB-200 Series.

Click the picture to see an enlargement.

UNiMAT Powerfeed Accessory

Front Of Power Feed Accessory: 

Gear Side Of Power Feed Accessory: 

Gear Side Of Power Feed Accessory:

Pulley Side Of Power Feed Accessory: 

UNiMAT Three-Jaw Universal Chuck

Accessories which will work for either the UNiMAT DB-200, UNiMAT SL, or the UNiMAT 3

UNiMAT Vice 

UNiMAT Milling Table Accessory w/ Clamps and T-Nuts 

UNiMAT Fly Cutter w/ wrench. 

This Fly Cutter is new and has never been used.  The last UNiMAT Fly cutter sold on eBay for OVER $80.00!


Drill (Jacobs) Chuck

UNiMAT 3 Accessories

Combing Attchment

(for use making box joints and other incremented cuts.


Moulding Head Attachment (Called in some manuals the Milling Head Attachment

               One piece, the hold-down bracket, is not pictured, but is present in the kit. This item is new and has never been used


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