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Create Your Own Drum Workshop


Shamanic Drumming is meditative, extremely healing, and creates a beautiful synergy promoting a greater connection to source energy. It helps one to be grounded in the vibrations and their connection to Gaia (Mother Earth) and all consciousness. Drums were used by our indigenous peoples to bring the energy of movement into play. It awakens things within us to maintain and create the outcomes we seek, by setting one's intentions with focused energy. Drumming can assist us in travelling into different realms, and providing visions to aid in our personal lives, or for others. During a Sacred Ceremony, the drum is truly the Sacred leader with the tones and beats it emits. It is forever life-changing and can bring healing to any individual.

During this class, the sacredness is honored in all aspects by honoring the animal which gave its life to bring us Rhythm. The class fee will include the hoop for a 16" drum, hide and laces. We will use moose hide for this class because of its long, deep, base tones. The hides, for this class, are aquired ethically from Native sources. Moose (or Elk) teaches us how to make a magnificent and memorable impression; it inspires Grace..

Class Size for this session will be limited to 6. Early registration required.

Instructor:  Ann Marie Arnold

Ann Marie Arnold is a Shaman, Ordained Minister and a Reiki Master Teacher.  She has recently moved to our area from New York



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